Top 5 Digital Banks Worldwide

Traditional brick-and-mortar institutions are facing stiff competition from a new breed of financial innovators; digital banks. These pioneering institutions have reshaped the way people manage their finances, offering convenient, accessible, and seamless banking experiences entirely online.

As technology continues to advance, digital banks are at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging cutting-edge tools and platforms to deliver a wide range of banking services to customers worldwide, ranging from day to day personal banking services to more tailed private banking offerings. From mobile banking apps to AI-driven financial advisors, these digital-first institutions are redefining what it means to bank in the 21st century.


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What Is a Digital Bank?


Simply put, a digital bank operates exclusively online, providing customers with services previously available only at physical branches. Online banking involves the digitalization of traditional banking products, processes, and activities, allowing customers to access them through online channels.

Digital banking services encompass a range of operations and activities typically available 24/7 on mobile phones, computers, and compatible smart devices.

These include obtaining bank statements, withdrawing cash, transferring money, managing checking/savings accounts, opening digital accounts, handling loans, making bill payments, managing cheques, and monitoring transaction records. The user-friendly digital banking software simplifies access to and management of these services.

This digital approach facilitates the testing of digital banking risk concepts before transitioning parts of the old legacy business to the new system. 




DBS has been honoured as the top digital bank globally by the Euromoney Awards for Excellence, owing to its adept incorporation of biometrics, artificial intelligence, and user-friendly technology. Prioritising efficiency, the company aims to eliminate time wastage for its clientele. DBS has harnessed artificial intelligence to seamlessly integrate digital banking into individuals’ daily routines.

Rather than accessing the bank’s app or visiting a physical branch, customers can simply communicate with their bank via WhatsApp or WeChat. Queries such as “what’s my balance?” or “please settle my mobile bill” are promptly processed by innovative AI technology, executing commands automatically. Additionally, DBS’ chatbot offers banking advice and assistance, including guidance on locating the nearest ATM.




As numerous startups surge ahead in the digital realm, traditional banks have frequently found themselves trailing. Yet, Barclays has defied this trend, racing ahead of its peers with its app consistently ranking among the highest-rated banking apps for both Apple and Android platforms.

Its enduring popularity is bolstered by impressive supplementary features, such as the ‘direct call’ function enabling customers to swiftly connect with an operator already familiar with their identity and account particulars.

Garanti Bank


Garanti Bank has emerged as a prominent leader within Turkey’s banking industry, largely attributable to its top-tier technological offerings. The bank’s digital transformation has been fueled by advancements in the Internet of Things, cloud technology, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Diligently striving to augment the capabilities of its branches, Garanti Bank provides digital screens for customer interaction, ensuring a seamless, omni-channel experience across its array of banking services.




Monzo is a newly accredited app-based bank, having officially obtained its licence in August 2023.

The bank offers the convenience of opening an account without the need for human interaction, prioritising a fully digital experience. What distinguishes Monzo, though, is its commitment to streamlining all aspects of customer finances into a user-friendly app interface. The app delivers real-time insights into spending patterns, facilitates swift mobile money transfers, and seamlessly integrates with various everyday technologies, such as Uber.




Nutmeg stands out as one of the pioneering mobile-centric wealth management platforms in a burgeoning market.

It provides a straightforward platform for managing investment portfolios, with a low entry point starting from £500. Accessible online or via smartphone, Nutmeg enables individuals to sidestep the typical intricacies associated with wealth management. Customers define their own financial objectives and risk tolerance, after which they are offered an ‘intelligent’ portfolio that can be easily accessed and adjusted through a user-friendly digital interface.