2. The Heard

Company: The Heard

Founder: Chantal Swainston

Website: https://the-heard.co.uk/



About The Heard


The Heard is the award-winning women in fintech spokesperson index, designed to encourage and highlight gender diversity in fintech content. The index is free to use, and free to be listed on, making it an invaluable free resource for those in the industry.

Media and content creators can access and search by key word or location, to find great spokespeople they might not have found otherwise. The Heard also recommends the best way to contact them, making it ridiculously easy to find and access diverse voices for fintech conversations.

The Heard launched in August 2022 with 14 speakers and a handful of advisory blog posts. Today, we have 100+ top tier speakers from all over the world including CEOs, journalists, marketers, founders, lawyers and many more. Founders and CEOs make up almost a quarter of The Heard’s index.

Currently members come from a huge range of company backgrounds, from fintech giants like Wise, Starling, and Stripe, to more traditional players like Lloyds Banking Group, Coutts, and American Express.

In addition, the blog series has profiled the likes of Tracey Davies, President Of Money 20/20, Romi Savova, Founder And CEO Of PensionBee, and Dr. Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer for 10x Banking, as well as offering advice on things like getting media comments included in articles, covering new event launches in fintech, and offering tips on speaking and moderating.

The Heard also runs a free media training program (next taking place on 15th May), which equips women in the industry with the tools and skills to not only take on more public speaking opportunities, but to enjoy them too. Running this session free of charge allows anyone in the industry regardless of background or budget, the opportunity to understand how they can prepare for media opportunities.



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