1. Finimize

Company: Finimize

Founder: Max Rofagha

Website: https://finimize.com/



About Finimize


With over one million subscribers to the newsletter and mobile app, Finimize is one of the largest retail investor communities in the world. 70,000+ attend its organised events each year and thousands of premium subscribers discuss investing in its private group chats.

Founded by Max Rofagha, Finimize was created to remove the asymmetry of information between individual and institutional investors using the power of the internet. It started out as a daily newsletter and has now scaled to over one million subscribers to its newsletter and mobile app, which was named a top ten finance App by Apple. It was also acquired by global investment firm abrdn in 2021 which enabled it to scale more rapidly. On the journey, it built a library of trusted, educational content that modern investors – on a mission to build wealth – actually want to engage with.

It was built on the belief that investing doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. That financial content can be delivered in a way that educates and inspires everyday investors to build their wealth. That’s why it pioneered the financial content space, and was one of the first to offer digestible, insightful and engaging financial information from some of the world’s leading analysts.

It also founded and launched the world leading event for global retail investors, The Modern Investor Summit, its now annual flagship event, which connects the smartest minds in investing with its global community of investors. It has seen legends in investing such as Jamie Dimon and Ray Dalio offer their wisdom to its community as headline speakers.

The retail investor community is set to account for 61% of global AUM by 2030, and with that on the horizon, the biggest global asset management firms in the world are firmly setting their sights on the market.

Beyond Finimize’s direct-to-consumer work, the business has evolved and is using its expertise of modern investors to help financial institutions understand and better engage with them.

Finimize for Business has worked with more than 350 financial organisations, including BlackRock, CFA and IG to connect them with retail investors, reaching 40+ million individual investors globally through its network of partners.

It also works with financial organisations to help them engage their existing customers with content, white labelling its entire library and making it available by API, to boost engagement, revenue and retention.

Finimize’s ability to communicate to this audience through high-quality, bite-sized information that’s jargon free, is not only closing the information gap for DIY investors, but is also a massive drawcard for institutions looking for ways to engage and retain the retail investor clientele.



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