26. Embark Group

Company: Embark Group

Founder: Jackie Leiper

Website: https://embarkgroup.co.uk/



About Embark Group


Our product is a retirement-focused, digital, long-term savings proposition, offering a Personal Pension, Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior Stocks & Shares ISA, General Investment Account (GIA) and Third-Party Investment Account tax wrappers.

Embark Group set out to disrupt the UK investment savings market through technology, straight through processing capabilities, technical excellence in retirement wrappers and the ability to deliver multi-channel savings services to the Robo-Advice, Banking and Wealth Management markets.

Our platform has been built using modern digital design standards, giving us agility few investment platforms can come close to, and our digital interfaces are built and supported by the tech teams that develop online banking capability and banking apps for Lloyds Banking Group, giving us a depth of capability and experience unmatched in the UK platforms market.

Key differentiators of our digital platform include:

– We require no wet signatures

– We incorporate over 50 straight-through processes, requiring very little manual intervention and thus resulting in lower risk of user error

– Our technology enables our customers to profitably service end clients of every level of affluence

– We provide rarely matched functionality in our white label platform solutions

The platform has a fully integrated dealing solution providing access to more than 5,000 mutual funds from over 100 fund managers, as well as a wide range of listed stocks, shares, ETFs and Investments trusts.

We believe that whilst our platform technology is the foundation of our offering for advisers, people ultimately do business with people. Therefore, we are continuing to invest in attracting and developing the best talent to support our proposition, including the largest regional support team for advisers of any UK platform and the launch of our Dundee Tech School, where we support and develop the next generation of digital-savvy talent to support our joint growth ambitions.

We believe that no two client propositions or adviser businesses are the same and we can adapt what we provide to suit customer needs. We can engage with financial advisers in a range of ways, from simply providing a compelling end-to-end platform configured to unique specification, through offering a more tightly-coupled, bespoke experience as a panel partner, to providing an “adviser platform” experience, by white labelling our capability – and we can do this in a range of way for specific client needs.

Our straight-through processing and high levels of automation are designed to improve customer experiences and reduce the risk of errors. Our market-leading technology is continually evolving to keep our customers ahead, with impressive integration with their systems via APIs that provides a rare level of frictionless service, with our white labelling offer being able to match customers’ exact requirements.

It is our strategic ambition to deliver the most connected platform experience in the UK adviser market. We have huge market coverage for bulk data services using the Origo Hub, which is expanding all the time, and we were first to market with integrated apps, with EVPro and Voyant, with more to come this year.




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