30. Arma Karma

Company: Arma Karma

Founder: Ben Smyth

Website: https://armakarma.insure/




About Arma Karma


Arma Karma is an award-winning monthly insurance subscription and lifestyle insurance brand.

Arma stands for the armour that protects the stuff you insure with us.

Karma Stands for our way of giving back, from our charitable donations and reforestation to the ethics at the very core of our business.

The initial product was born from the fact that less than half of UK renters buy contents insurance, and two-thirds of those aged 18-30 see it as pointless. Arma Karma offers the perfect alternative, pick up to five items that you actually care about and have cover for those items wherever you go, against damage, breakdown, loss & theft. All in a flexible familiar format. As a certified B-Corporation alongside the likes of Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s, 25% of Arma Karma’s commission revenue goes to a charity the customer selects.

Since full launch in late 2021 Arma Karma has taken on thousands of active subscribers, picked up 25 industry awards & nominations, and secured some huge partnerships including Gallagher.




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