29. Fignum

Company: Fignum

Founder & Chairman: Alistair Jeffery

Website: https://www.fignum.com/



About Fignum


Launched in 2019 as part of the Bluestone Group, Fignum is a software development company specialising in loan origination and servicing for mortgages, motor finance, and various other loan types. Fignum has designed and uses highly configurable technology that sets it apart from its competitors.

The software is tailored to meet the complex demands of today’s market by automating lending decisions, document processing, and payments. Fignum’s solutions are forged from real-world experience in financial services, developed with lenders’ needs in mind, with adaptable offerings centred around providing solutions for all software types.

Fignum was founded to tackle the challenges posed on the mortgage market by legacy technology. Outdated technology often lacks intuitiveness and ease of navigation for users.

In a market that has been shackled by instability over recent years, innovation is necessary to prioritise customer experience. A dependency on legacy tech has become a notable barrier to adapting to market changes, so a flexible, integrated loan origination platform enables lenders to react promptly to market changes to the benefit of the customer.

By designing a platform that is easily integrated with both new and existing systems, the platform allows organisations to overcome technological inefficiencies. Fignum’s loan origination platform can provide more competitive project timelines and costs by digitally transforming the onboarding process, enabling businesses to adapt to the market.

Since its formation, Fignum has undergone widespread growth and transformation. Breaking away from its initial position as the in-house IT department of the Bluestone Group, Fignum has emerged as a key player in the mortgage technology industry. Similarly, cementing its position for loan origination in a constantly evolving and largely volatile motor finance market has been integral to the brand’s growth. Increasing efficiencies and supercharging customer outcomes has been the key focus.

Thanks to Fignum’s technological expertise, they have a strong history of boosting operational efficiency and supporting the introduction of innovative financial solutions, including Bluestone Mortgages’ pioneering Deposit Unlock scheme. The overall goal is to make Fignum’s cutting-edge technology available to a broader audience while continuing to innovate and expand its influence across financial services.

As Fignum continues to grow, its emphasis on wider financial services will grow with it. By creating a seamless integration into a multitude of client business processes, implementation is simple and cost effective. Fignum is dedicated to providing agile technology – a crucial aspect to businesses in all industries as they are expected to respond to ever-changing market conditions.




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