28. Zest

Company: Zest

CEO: Matt Russell

Website: https://www.zestbenefits.com/



About Zest


Zest is an employee benefits platform that was founded in 2004. It has been providing its services for over 20 years to around 500 employers, including Yahoo, Hargreaves Lansdown, Bakkavor and Travis Perkins, serving over 300,000 employees.

Recent years have seen employee finances stretched more than ever before. But with three in ten businesses (29%) admitting that they have been unable to raise salaries in line with inflation, employers need alternative, cost-effective approaches to ensure that their workers are satisfied, engaged, and motivated.

But getting this right can be challenging for employers, expectations are changing, and needs differ from person to person. Currently, 56% of employees say that they don’t use their benefits as they are not relevant and 39% of employees believe that the benefits on offer to them are completely irrelevant.

To help change this, Zest is championing a new era of employee benefits, offering employees enhanced value in a way that differs from salary.

Via its market-leading platform, Zest goes beyond benefits administration and breaks away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to benefits. It equips employers with the right tools to adapt to the changing and individual demands within its workforce, enabling them to deliver a personalised employee experience, through targeted communications while providing valuable insights into take-up and engagement.

The automated technology works seamlessly with both existing and new benefits packages and can be configured start to finish within a matter of days (unlike other platforms which can take up to six months to full implement), to meet the unique needs and preferences of individual employees, ensuring that benefits are as easy to administer as they are to access.

Most benefits platforms get 40-50% engagement and yet Zest achieves 80-90% – a clear uplift in engagement thanks to its simplicity. As a most recent example, since Newcastle Building Society has been using the platform (onboarded earlier this year in 2024), 87% of colleagues logged into the benefits platform in the first three weeks, and 99% of colleagues have logged in over the past 6 months.

More broadly across Zest’s customer base, there has been a 5% increase on employee engagement compared to the same period in March 2023, and a 50% increase of people accessing the platform for the first time.

With nearly half (46%) of people believing that a good benefits package is now the most important thing they look for in employment, and half (51%) now saying that they would leave their job if another company offered them a better benefits package, flexible, personalised benefits have never been more critical if businesses are to attract and retain the right talent.

By offering best in class data tools, an accessible platform and targeted communications, Zest provides value to employers and employees alike, ensuring that the right benefits reach the right employee in a way that works for them.




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