34. VibePay

Company: VibePay

Founder(s): Luke Massie

Website: https://vibepay.com/

Business: VibePay is helping to build a smarter, simpler way for both individuals and businesses to pay and be paid.


About VibePay 


Founded in 2018, leading payments and data ecosystem VibePay has become one of the fastest growing startups in the UK. Built on top of Open Banking, VibePay is working to help make the default way people pay and get paid account-to-account payments.

To help VibePay achieve this, the startup have developed a powerful network, connecting in more meaningful ways businesses, consumers and social groups – for example, connecting gamers with fans or consumers to brands.




The idea for VibePay was born out of Luke Massie’s previously established business VibeTickets, a platform built for re-selling tickets. VibeTickets was launched by Massie out of the frustration of paying middle-men unnecessarily extortionate fees. Massie soon realised that both businesses and consumers were paying also unreasonable fees, just for payments instead, often experiencing weeks of waiting for payments to come through.

To help solve this problem, once Open Banking had launched during 2018, VibePay started to build its own solution to help those operating online make their payment process more efficient.

VibePay has recently partnered with both Wix and Shopify, becoming the first platform in Europe that’s powered by Open Banking to provide thousands of merchants and consumers with an account-to-account checkout solution.

Last December, the startup also launched its new Business Dashboard, helping SMEs to manage their transactions with ease, accessing real-time data behind their finances, and enabling them to activate instant payments with customers.