35. Phos by Ingenico

Company: Phos by Ingenico

Founder: Brad Hyett

Website: https://phos.cloud/



About Phos by Ingenico


Since it was founded in 2018, phos has transformed the way businesses accept payments. Today, as the leading software point-of-sale (SoftPoS) orchestrator, it enables merchants to use their smartphones and other NFC-enabled devices to accept contactless payments by leveraging its ‘tap to pay’ technology.

With its pioneering software, phos has enabled legacy technology providers and financial institutions to integrate tap-to-pay solutions into their current technology stacks. This has compounded the speed at which these solutions are brought to market.

As a result, businesses have been able to multiply the number of payment acceptance points available at their locations without investing in costly, traditional hardware like chip and pin machines. Phos’ elegant solution is phone and bank-agnostic, providing unmatched flexibility to a broad variety of businesses.

Having established itself as a dominant force in the European market, phos was acquired by Ingenico, the renowned global leader in payment acceptance solutions in 2023. Leveraging its reach and proven success across a broad variety of businesses from street food retailers and coffee shops to charities and festivals, phos is looking to expand into North America and beyond. This strategic move is further strengthening the company’s proposition in delivering innovative SoftPoS solutions to a wider audience.

Since the acquisition, phos has partnered with the likes of Tyl by Natwest and Discover Global Network, expanding SoftPoS acceptance globally. Phos has also obtained certifications from VISA and Mastercard laboratories for added functionality and security, further solidifying them as a trusted and reliable partner in the payment industry. Currently, the company operates as a licensed payment technology provider on a global scale with an extensive network of 25 certified acquirer connections worldwide, offering rapid digital deployment and a simplified onboarding process.

In just over five years, phos has positioned itself at the forefront of the SoftPoS revolution. It has a demonstrated product-market fit for the technology, and the constant expansion of the addressable market. Phos’ pioneering approach has not only cemented its position as a coveted acquisition target, but has also served as a catalyst for the global adoption of SoftPoS technology, raising awareness of its benefits for businesses around the world.




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