34. Fana

Company: Fana

Founder: Robin Yan

Website: https://www.fanaverse.io



About Fana


Fana is an innovative fintech company reimagining the way individuals can create positive impact through everyday payments. Our core product is the Fana Card – a debit Mastercard that does good every time you use it.

We saw a clear need in the market: today’s consumers, especially those from younger generations such as Gen Z are obsessed with positive impact but faced with a charity experience originally built for their grandparents. Young consumers expected personalised and engaging content, and a sleek and simple purchasing experience. At the same time, modern charities are looking for fresh ways to connect and engage with younger individual donors. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate giving back into everyday transactions, making it easier for individuals to contribute and non-profits to benefit.

A portion of every transaction made with the Fana Card goes towards a non-profit projects selected by the community across a diverse range of initiatives, from environmental conservation efforts to social welfare programs. Our model not only fosters a continuous stream of donations but also ensures that giving back is as easy as tapping a card.

To enhance the impact of the contributions of our Card members, Fana has partnered with creators and brands that align with our mission. These partnerships enable a greater collective impact than individual consumer or corporate donations. We are also developing an AI-driven platform helping match mission-driven creators and businesses with charity projects that align with their brand, eliminating many of the pain points related to vetting charities, creating content, and processing donations.

We hope to represent a new wave of social impact, tailored for the modern consumer who wants to see their spending reflect their values. It is a testament to the power of innovative fintech solutions to transform traditional payment activities into opportunities for significant social impact. We’re not just a financial product, but a movement towards a more socially responsible and conscientious global community.




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