4. EthicsAnswer

Company: EthicsAnswer

Founder: Charles Radclyffe

Website: https://ethicsanswer.com/



About EthicsAnswer


EthicsAnswer is a SaaS platform designed to empower ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) departments burdened with the demands of ESG-related tender requests from customers and ratings agency surveys, such as CDP and EcoVadis. Our platform revolutionises the disclosure process, granting valuable time back to ESG professionals by automating repetitive tasks.

At the core of EthicsAnswer are three guiding principles: efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. We ensure that ESG departments deliver consistent, accurate information by managing not only the process of completing the survey by using AI but also the legal or compliance approval within the app. Responses are securely stored for future use, alleviating legal and compliance departments from repetitive requests. Our solution not only expedites workflows compared to manual methods but also provides insights into the most pressing ESG issues for a company’s customers, along with gap analysis when data on these issues is lacking.

Our journey to this point has been one of evolution and innovation. Founded in 2019 by Charles Radclyffe, former head of AI at Fidelity, EthicsGrade initially focused on Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), recognizing the need for high-quality data in assessing the ethical risks associated with emerging technologies. Over time, we expanded our scope, establishing publicly available ratings before delving into supplementary private data on ESG practices through our survey platform, InsideView.

Participation in prestigious accelerator programs like ABN AMRO + Techstars Future of Finance, Nasdaq’s ESG-focused accelerator, and LHoFT Kickstarter Catapult accelerated our growth and development. However, it was the realisation of the need to address the fundamental issue of information disclosure that reshaped our trajectory. Leveraging our existing technology, we streamlined our own ESG survey process, leading to the creation of EthicsAnswer—which now helps many companies respond to ESG disclosures in a fraction of the time.

By addressing information-sharing and transparency challenges in ESG tenders and surveys, EthicsAnswer reduces the business risk of sending the wrong information to a customer and increases the number of tenders a team can respond to potentially increasing the number of tenders a company can win. Our platform empowers ESG professionals with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of sustainability disclosure. With EthicsAnswer, we’re not just revolutionising ESG disclosure; we’re paving the way for a more transparent and sustainable ecosystem.



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