5. YouLend

Company: YouLend

Founder: Mikkel Sølvsten Velin

Website: https://youlend.com



About YouLend


YouLend was founded by co-CEO Mikkel Velin in 2015 and was born in CTO Mark Ufland’s bedroom with just two computer screens and a standing desk. Together, they wanted to do something that could change the way small businesses grow and operate.

Since those humble beginnings, the company has become the leading embedded financing platform globally, operating in 9+ countries across the UK, Europe, and the United States.

YouLend’s technology platform allows them to integrate with SME platforms directly and is trusted by the likes of Amazon, Mollie, and Just Eat Takeaway.com to extend flexible revenue-based financing to their small business customers. Its advanced AI-powered decision-making model can paint the most accurate picture of a business’s financial health and unlock funding for the most underserved SMEs.

Recently, the company announced a major milestone by securing a £4 billion financing facility with J.P. Morgan to strengthen its commitment to offering market-leading terms for its partners and merchants. To date, the embedded financing leader has extended more than 150,000 fundings globally and has earned the esteemed title of “LendTech of the Year” by the Business Awards UK.

YouLend is also determined to positively impact the economy. YouLend-backed SMEs have experienced a 26% growth in sales in the six months following funding and have contributed more than £6.8 billion in SME revenue to the GDP worldwide.

Currently, the company is on a trajectory of rapid international expansion and is doubling down on its growth across Europe and the United States—empowering even more small businesses with access to critical revenue-based financing.



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