49. Evidology Systems

Company: Evidology Systems

Founder: Rupert Brown

Website: https://www.evidology.systems/


evidology systems


About Evidology Systems


Evidology Systems is the creator of revolutionary RegTech/LegalTech technology, QED (Quality and Evidence Driven), which helps businesses maintain compliance. Since its inception in November 2019, Evidology Systems has led the industry in the systematic interpretation of statutory and regulatory texts to ensure businesses are able to stay compliant with principles-based regulations.

Evidology Systems has continued to evolve and innovate, developing QED into a single, holistic platform for managing regulatory compliance and mitigating operational risk. Not only does QED allow companies to keep up to date and compliant with changing regulations but it has developed a unique way to ensure risks and controls are embedded within the QED models. By embedding risk classifications and control frameworks into the model, it provides a systematic and complete documentation of operational risks that are essential in the compliance evidence portfolio needed to support the claim that an organisation has satisfied a regulation’s requirements.

Current compliance technologies platforms do little to offer a solution to managing the ever-changing regulatory landscape – they are based on fixed-format business intelligence reporting tools which quickly become outdated and have historically been reliant on fragmented technology, such as spreadsheets and email to manage regulatory change.

In contrast, Evidology Systems’ QED operates in real time, using an integrated business strategy map to drive a fully-balanced scorecard, rather than being reactive and siloed. This gives firms the ability to address regulations as they evolve, providing them with a strategic advantage, and the highest possible level of ongoing defence and consistently-argued evidence against liability. QED achieves this using an industry-standard visualisation tool, and can be deployed without affecting the underlying systems.

Evidology Systems’ QED product importantly allows all individuals to “sing from the same hymn sheet”. Support functions such as General Counsel and Compliance are now re-aligned and coupled with the front-line Business Units and IT groups using the same methodologies, processes and data. This shortens lines of communication and reduces core operational costs, eliminating costly misunderstandings/interpretations of requirements.

Today Evidology Systems is enhancing its model to form the basis of a “Large Language Model” dedicated to regulatory compliance, which will provide a unique and auditable range of AI based solutions.

Furthermore, Evidology Systems has seamlessly embedded its functionality within the Microsoft 365 platform including real-time horizon scanning metrics in Excel and dynamic content notebooks and alerting within Teams. Additionally, the platform boasts multilingual regulatory processing capabilities, rendering it globally versatile and indispensable for multinational enterprises.



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