50. NorthRow

Company: NorthRow

CEO:  Andrew Doyle

Website: https://www.northrow.com




About NorthRow


NorthRow is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance platform used by regulated businesses across the UK to better protect themselves and their customers from incidents of fraud and fincrime.

Today, NorthRow delivers industry-leading software for regulated businesses including neo banks, lenders, payments providers and other financial service and fintech companies. NorthRow brings compliance and verification technologies into a single, simple interface, accessible anywhere, at any time.

Founded in 2010, NorthRow is an experienced fintech player and offers a unique, integrated end-to-end KYB, KYC and ID&V solution to help regulated companies across all markets meet complicated AML compliance regulations, enabling them to grow safely and effectively as a result.

Fintechs may not always have the resources or expertise to navigate complex regulatory requirements; however failing to comply can result in significant financial penalties and reputational damage.

With NorthRow’s technology, regulated fintech businesses can effortlessly manage the increasingly complex nature of financial systems and the changing regulatory requirements that come with this. Its purpose-built platform, WorkStation, provides a smoother and faster approach to customer due diligence and allows regulated fintechs to oversee and streamline compliance throughout the customer lifecycle without impacting the seamless experience that users of fintech platforms have come to know and love.

It facilitates and streamline regulatory compliance, ensuring that businesses have the tools to stay compliant, avoiding any hefty fines, potential legal costs and reputational damage that come with non-compliance.

WorkStation helps fintechs overcome the challenge of regulatory compliance by automating processes, reducing the risk of errors and penalties, and freeing up resources for other business activities. In turn, this allows fintechs to focus on innovation and growth while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

The company is headed by fintech industry leader, Andrew Doyle, who has worked in the global tech sector for over 30 years. He is spearheading NorthRow’s impressive growth, which has seen the company increase headcount with key hires in marketing, sales, engineering and customer success, expand its customer base, and sign up reputable customers including CloudPay and Hargreaves Lansdown.

NorthRow is committed to protecting its customers from the devastating effects that fraud, and other forms of economic crime, can have on individuals and companies.

Customer testimonials

“One of the most significant benefits of NorthRow has been the automation of our end-to-end compliance processes, allowing us to focus our efforts on high-risk cases. The software has saved us valuable time and resources.”

JOANNE MILLER, Operations Projects Manager, Hargreaves Lansdown

“We’ve seen significantly shorter validation times – measured in seconds and minutes, rather than in days. NorthRow will be important to our planned expansion of services, and their team has given us complete confidence that we will benefit from their product roadmap in the months and years ahead.”

Director of Business Assurance and MLRO, Cloudpay



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