45. ApTap

Company: ApTap

Founder(s): Nadal Sarkytbayev, Will Billingsley and Isa Ibrahim

Website: https://www.aptap.co.uk/

Business: Securely connect bank accounts using Open Banking and ApTap will automatically find and organise your recurring payments.




About ApTap


The ApTap journey began in January 2018 by a founding team with a STEM background from Imperial College London and UCL.

ApTap is building white-labelled financial management API’s that allow banks to offer bill management tools to their customers. ApTap is a next-generation affiliate marketplace, that allows banking customers to cancel, compare, switch or sign up to services all within their banking app.


ApTap Product 2020


ApTap’s vision is to give access to the world’s subscription store with just a tap. The company’s notable achievements include tripling the valuation of the company, launching a paid pilot with TSB Bank, and managing to get oversubscribed on their Seed round, signing a deal worth half a million pounds led by Twinkl Hive. Changing that one sentence in the middle would be much better.

ApTap’s future goals include signing a 2-3 years contract with TSB bank, raising series A round of £2-5 million, generating £100-250k in annual revenue and drive more switching across three industry verticals.