46. Nuggets

Company: Nuggets

Founder(s): Alastair Johnson and Seema Khinda Johnson (Dom Gilmore)

Website: https://nuggets.life

Business: An award-winning, decentralised, self-sovereign identity and payment platform.




About Nuggets


Nuggets helps organisations to protect customer data while giving customers a frictionless, seamless experience. Nuggets is the only platform of its kind that truly brings together payments and ID, utilising self-sovereign data principles.

That means they can stop worrying about data breaches. If companies don’t have to store their data, it’s not there to be breached. Users can still buy what they want, and use the services they love. But without worrying about your privacy.




A fundamental change is needed in the approach to personal data storage. This is demonstrated by the data breaches we see every day. Using blockchain technology, Nuggets have created a completely new, decentralised model for data storage. With Nuggets, consumers no longer have to hand sensitive information to dozens of companies, to be stored in separate, vulnerable data silos. Instead, each consumer will have a personal cloud of data that no one else can access. Not even Nuggets itself.

For consumers, Nuggets makes life simpler, faster and safer. For businesses, it spells the end of costly, damaging data breaches — as well as massively reducing fraud and false positives, and the number of sales lost to complex checkout processes.

Nugget’s recent business highlights include announcing a commercial partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, winning ‘Best Use of Blockchain in Financial Services’ at the Emerging Payments Awards, and winning the Female Fintech Competition 2020 held by Deutsche Bank, Atos, Google and Tech Quartier to name a few.