11. Banking Circle

Company: Banking Circle

Founder(s): Anders la Cour and Laust Bertelsen

Website: https://www.bankingcircle.com/

Description: Challenging traditional banking services through the creation of a network that allows businesses the freedom to trade globally.




About Banking Circle


Simply put, Banking Circle is a ‘Payments bank’ built to service the needs of Financial Institutions and large corporates. Holding a full banking licence and regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg, Banking Circle provide direct access to clearing in multiple countries, meaning faster and more cost-effective international payments.

The digitalisation of the consumer marketplace has created greater expectation than ever for a seamless customer experience. Banking Circle provides their clients with a one-stop-shop when it comes to cross border payments through the offering of FX conversion and access to a large liquidity pool. This means that there is just one relationship for clients to manage, compared to the traditional approach to payments which involves multiple relationships, all adding cost and complexity.

Banking Circle work with some of the most innovative payments businesses out there, such as Stripe and Paysafe. The fintech remains focused on its core mission that a cross border transaction should take less than 5 minutes, and cost less than 50 cents.