16. Bitstamp

Company: Bitstamp

Founder: Nejc Kodrič and Damijan Merlak

Website: https://www.bitstamp.net/

Description: The leading payments plaform that empowers everyone to experience the benefits of a digital economy




About Bitstamp


Bitstamp, launched in 2011, is the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. Today, Bitstamp is the largest crypto exchange in Europe and serves over four million customers worldwide.

As the crypto industry evolved, Bitstamp found ways to support its growth – from pioneering the use of cold storage to becoming the first exchange. The way Bitstamp is making a difference in fintech today is by providing reliable, stable and regulated cryptocurrency exchange services in three areas: Consumer market, B2B and B2B2C.

On the consumer market, Bitstamp is used by over four million customers from almost every country in the world. In 2020, Bitstamp’s mobile app was upgraded further to turn it into a standalone product with the full trading functionality of the exchange.

On the B2B side, Bitstamp offers an unmatched level of service for institutional traders by constantly looking for ways to both bridge the gap with traditional finance and introduce cryptocurrency-native solutions. On the B2B2C side, Bitstamp are using the infrastructure they have built to enable other institutions and fintechs to easily create their own crypto products. In this way, Bitstamp is solving fintech challenges by taking a step behind the scenes, and enabling other companies to leave their own mark on the future of finance.

In 2020, Bitstamp became the launch partner for Silvergate Bank’s SEN Leverage product, as well as integrating a new state-of-the-art matching engine from Nasdaq to offer a level of performance on par with the largest traditional exchanges.