15. Zelf

Company: Zelf

Founder(s): Elliot Goykhman

Website: https://zelf.co/en/

Business: Instant money in your messengers. No banks, no apps, no fees.




About Zelf


ZELF is a neobank for Gen Z, utilising European banking legislation for electronic money to provide clients with debit cards limited to 150 Euroes. It is a messenger-based banking platform without branches, apps and plastic cards All enrollment, onboarding, even card issuance takes place within WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or Facebook Messenger.

ZELF’s artificial intelligence chatbot recognizes natural language and voice commands. Simple tapping of menu buttons in one of these messengers is sufficient to issue a Mastercard or Visa virtual card in a matter of 30 seconds, with no need for photo ID.




The 150 Euro limit is raised once the customer chooses to go through the KYC process to verify their identity. Combined with the company’s business model’s efficiency, this makes ZELF not just the most inclusive, but also the most sustainable digital banking.

Over 500k worldwide customers have pre-ordered ZELF and its digital cards have actively been used in France since August 2020. The company is expanding in Europe and will also establish its presence in the US, UK, and the Philippines. ZELF was recently included on the Sifted list of European tech startups to watch in 2021.