21. Countingup

Company: Countingup

Founder(s): Tim Fouracre

Website: https://countingup.com/

Business: Countingup offers UK business current accounts that come with such valuable key features as automatic accounting, instant invoicing and tax estimates.




About Countingup


Founded in 2017, Countingup are helping to automate the accounting process for businesses with their leading UK business current accounts. The startup was founded by chartered accountant Tim Fouracre, who while spending 9 years building Clear Books plc, saw how much time small businesses were losing due to inefficiencies with their banking and accounting systems.

It was then Tim dreamed up the idea of creating an app for such businesses to simplify their taxes and accounting, making it easier for entrepreneurs to run their small businesses.

After building up a top team and gaining a group of investors, Countingup soon became the UK’s fastest growing business account automating the accounting process. The company thrives of its 3 core values, these being to – 1) get it done, 2) enjoy it, and 3) do our best work.

Countingup now hold the highest Trustpilot score for any UK business current account, with tens of thousands of customers, over £1 billion processed, and multiple awards won.

So far, the company have raised a total of £6.8 million over the course of 3 funding rounds, their most recent announced in May 2020, which raised £4 million.