20. Tumelo

Company: Tumelo

Founder(s): William Goodwin, Benjamin King and Georgia Stewart

Website: https://www.tumelo.com/

Business: Helping to enable a more sustainable investment system for pension members and retail investors.




About Tumelo


Tumelo was established in Cambridge University by founders, and former students, Will, Ben and Georgia, whilst campaigning for sustainable investment of the £6 billion university fund.

The company was founded to create positive change in the investment sector, by addressing the issues of disengagement in the investment system – millions of normal people who invest via workplace pensions, ISAs and more not knowing where their money goes, or having any voice at the companies they hold investments in.

Through their software Tumelo helps to enhance investors’ experience in the system, connecting them to the companies they’ve invested in, while also empowering them to engage in issues important to them.

For pension and retail investors specifically, users can use Tumelo’s platform to view the companies in their portfolio, learn more about any upcoming shareholder votes, and voice their own preferences for issues they value most – for example, climate change or gender equality.

Tumelo then provides the preferences it has collected from users to those responsible for voting prior to company’s AGMs. After AGMs have taken place, Tumelo then notifies users of new votes and impacts.

So far, the company has raised a total funding amount of £250k pre-seed and £2.5M in seed investment which was raised during a Seed Round announced in 2019.