19. Hapi

Company: Hapi

Founder: Youssef Darwich and Sigurjon Isaksson

Website: https://www.hapiplan.com/

Business: Providing investment accounts built around your goals and your family





About Hapi


Development towards Hapi began in the first half of 2020, where Darwich and Isaksson met through Entrepreneur First. They wanted to initially target parents to help them make better financial decisions when saving and investing towards their children’s futures.

Users are able to tell Hapi about their goals, for instance education fees, and Hapi provides them with a personalised plan to help them achieve this. The plan is managed by Hapi automatically,  reacting instantly to any changes in the user’s circumstances, and keeping on top of any changes to regulations for them.

Over time Hapi aims to broaden its offering – helping users with all of their important financial goals and allowing everyone to benefit from the sophisticated advice that is currently exclusive to the wealthiest. Their long-term plan is to become a fully regulated financial adviser, and thus expand on their current FCA status.