40. Dacxi

Company: Dacxi

Founder(s): Ed Ludbrook

Website: http://www.dacxi.com

Business: A Crypto Wealth Platform, designed to help you win.




About Dacxi


Dacxi is the world’s only Crypto Wealth Building Platform. When the business was founded in 2017, it set its goal to pioneer a fairer, smarter and more human way to build wealth. It now provides a single-stop online hub, where everyday investors can get the support they need to invest in crypto with confidence – and find their path to prosperity.

Not only can people buy, sell, and store their crypto currency assets using the ‘Dacxi Exchange’, customers and partners of Dacxi are also encouraged to build and maintain their wealth using their crypto assets. At the heart of the business is the ‘Dacxi community’. A group of like-minded individuals who are geared up with a common goal to build wealth and share their knowledge.

Headed up in the UK by one of the UK’s leading experts in Crypto, Katharine Wooller, the size of the UK Dacxi operation has grown exponentially since she joined in 2019. In terms of the number of new customers it has on boarded in 2021 there is an increase of 500% from the same period in 2020. That growth looks set to continue. The business also has plans to increase its workforce in the UK by 4 times over the next 12 months to service this increased demand. There are plans to increase its capacity in sales, marketing and customer service functions which will create employment opportunity for what is envisaged to be at least 10 people.

Dacxi has further created its own Crypto Currency – The Dacxi Coin. Due to be listed on several global exchanges in the first half of 2021, it provides even more potential for wealth growth through a unique and ground-breaking crowd funding opportunity. This will allow investors to use their wealth to help fund technology start-up businesses and achieve a return on their investment.