39. Strive

Company: Strive

Founder(s): Ivan Muck, Andrew Birt and Magda Misiorny

Website: https://www.strivefam.com/

Business: Helping parents and kids invest together.




About Strive


Strive is working to build a solution for parents and kids that gets them off to the best financial start in life, and helps them build confidence with money at any age.

In order to increase the financial consciousness of youngsters they must be involved in financial services early on, which requires digital solutions, interfaces and in the end – applications which can be used easily and intuitively. Strive decided to take this matter into its own hands and revolutionise financial education by founding Strive in the UK, bypassing traditional banks and offering solutions directly to customers.




Strive differentiates itself from competitors like GoHenry or Revolut Jr.by offering age-appropriate tools for the different age groups, as well as having a strong focus on savings and investments features that truly help youngsters not only manage their pocket money, but start learning about building their family wealth.

The co-founder of Strive has participated in 5+ fintech accelerator programs, for example, the OTP Lab in Budapest, won at several hackathons such as Novathon by Intesa Sanpaolo, and had the chance to participate in several fintech conferences such as Money 20/20 Asia with my ventures.