26. Diem

Company: Diem

Founder(s): Geri Cupi

Website: https://cartediem.org

Business: DIEM, your Bank of Things. Discover wealth right in your home.




About Diem


DIEM is a circular economy-oriented fintech company operating in the UK founded by Geri Cupi in June 2020. DIEM’s mission is to empower consumers to instantly value, unlock, and enjoy wealth they never knew they had. Consumers can receive instant payment for their unwanted things. Within seconds, DIEM releases liquidity for its clients, unleashing the freedom of choice, while supporting circular economy and environmental positivity, as core values. DIEM is a new generation financial services company.

Using the DIEM app, clients can easily value and receive payment for all kinds of lifestyle assets including: clothes, accessories, electronics and books. Valuation is executed in nanoseconds, through DIEM’s market-based pricing algorithm which integrates machine-learning, coupled to a sophisticated logistics infrastructure. Through this revolutionary approach to fintech, DIEM delivers a truly sustainable proposition, empowering the consumer and fuelling the circular economy.

DIEM’s innovative approach has been recognised by Forbes, considering DIEM as a “masterstroke for sustainability”. DIEM’s community has grown significantly, too, amassing a following of around 500,000 on Instagram alone.

DIEM is in the process of becoming a B Corporation, which the company deems as important due to its firm commitment to tackle environmental crises. As a part of this initiative, DIEM will be releasing features that will allow customers to support climate projects through carbon offsetting and tree planting programmes, in collaboration with DIEM.