13. Fund Ourselves

Company: Fund Ourselves

Founder(s): Nadeem Siam and Tuomas Hietanen

Website: https://fundourselves.com/

Business: A new and innovative peer-to-peer lender, offering affordable loans to borrowers and returns of up to 15% per annum for investors.




About Fund Ourselves


Fund Ourselves was founded in 2017 by Nadeem Siam, a former space engineer with NASA, now turned-entrepreneur looking to solve the UK’s issue with debt and high cost lending. Millions of people in the UK use high-cost credit annually, and are left in a dangerous cycle of inescapable revolving credit and debt.

The need for a strong and responsible alternative has been pressing, particularly with the falls of the some of the UK’s largest such as Wonga and QuickQuid. Fund Ourselves allows customers to borrow up to £500 over 3 months, with no early repayment fees, and those facing financial difficulty offered an extension of up to 12 months, completely interest-free.




Fund Ourselves


For investors, they can earn between 5% and 15% per annum by investing in borrowers applying for unsecured loans on their platform. Fund Ourselves use their own diversification software to spread your investment across multiple borrowers – and whilst not covered by FSCS there is a provision fund in place to minimise any losses for investors.

With over 20 staff, the Fund Ourselves fintech is emerging as a strong disruptor in this highly controversial space.