31. Invity

Company: Invity

Founders: Štěpán Uherík and Jiří Brada

Website: https://invity.io/

Description: Buy and exchange cryptocurrencies all in one place


About Invity.io


Invity.io was founded in 2019 with the mission to open up the world of cryptocurrencies to everyone. Invity.io makes crypto accessible by compiling fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto rates into a single comparison tool. Users can then choose the rate and payment method that suits their needs from this single source. Once they choose the most attractive offer, users complete their transaction through a single, minimalistic interface.

Invity.io’s comparison tool thereby eliminates the need to search the web for reasonable exchange rates, the need to master countless transaction processes, and the need to navigate sometimes dubious providers.




While Invity.io’s tool has been available to the public for only a short time, it has already broken into an overcrowded playing field of crypto exchanges to offer worldwide coverage and millions of dollars in daily turnover. This is thanks primarily to their partnerships with ten crypto buy and exchange providers who transact in over 30 fiat currencies, dozens of major cryptocurrencies, and payment methods ranging from global credit cards to regional bank transfer protocols.

Invity.io’s comparison tool has further been used as the only in-wallet platform for the long-running Trezor family of hardware wallets, boosting their bona fides and commitment to security.

This year Invity.io will complement their Buy and Exchange features with Spend, Sell, and Save. Spend will let users convert their crypto directly to gift cards or products, Sell will be for crypto-to-fiat transactions, and Save will enable automatic, regular crypto purchases – a crypto savings account of sorts.

In short, this year will cement Invity.io as a one-stop shop for the best rates on all crypto transactions. Invity.io plans to expand their educational materials to provide much-needed walkthroughs to those with little or no crypto knowledge.