49. Orenda


Company: Orenda

Founder(s): Josh Vittori and David Fox

Website: orenda.finance

Business: Orenda provides a Free Business Current account & Card with the option of a Credit Line at a fair price.


About Orenda


The Orenda ‘White Label’ is a fully supported product & service that’s made to be flexible to incorporate & embed financial services for any industry. White Label products and services within the financial industry tend to offer either a backend or a front-end solution requiring significant tech development. With embedded finance, the financial process is streamlined so that the that third-party bank or financial services provider disappears.




Orenda manages everything for your branded platform. Orenda provide the front-end branded customer facing app, KYC checks, ID Validation, real time onboarding of your customer, instant issue of a virtual card & a branded physical card sent in the post. Along side this, Orenda is integrated with the relevant providers for FX, SWIFT and SEPA payments, enabling  customers to have the best functionalities from the best product providers.

The White label customers additionally benefit from the use of Orenda’s included server-less technology, meaning that there are no issues with scaling up. It is also key to remember that with each improvement or additional added feature on the platform, it is provided for free once signed up.

Most White Label solutions require external API integrations and niche input from different providers. This means more time, more money, and more loose ends. Orenda White Label is an all-in-one solution with all APIs built in and a customer facing app ready to be used, because it’s been conceptualised by business owners and built by tech experts, Orenda knows that customers want a solution that ticks every box.