42. Streeva

Company: Streeva

Founder(s): Beth Michael

Website: https://streeva.com/

Business: Creating an ecosystem which enables private communication between all entities involved in a transaction. Streeva enables the ability for an end-user to digitally receive their purchase data, and automate existing manual processes without the need to opt-in or to share personal information to receive it.




About Streeva Ltd


Streeva is an award-winning fintech startup, that has a strong track record of delivering automated tax solutions through privacy driven methods. Streeva combines innovation with collaboration to fix problems fundamental to economies. Imagine a future where VAT is automatic and tax processing is no longer a burden for individuals.

Streeva’s initial solution ‘Swiftaid’ was developed in 2018 in collaboration with The University of Surrey and co-funded by InnovateUK for a £460,000 project. Swiftaid is an API solution that automates the entire Gift Aid process for UK charities, Gift Aid is a UK tax relief that increases charitable donations by 25% at no extra cost to the donor.

Swiftaid was the first solution recognised by HMRC to automate Gift Aid on contactless donations and are now leading technically on an industry-wide project called ‘The Future of Gift Aid’. The biggest names across the sector are collaborating to automate Gift Aid across all donation methods, with the aim to use personal tax accounts to remove liability from individuals.

To date, Streeva have raised £1million in equity funding and are very proud to be part of the latest cohorts of Techstars ‘Female Founders First’, Tech Nation Fintech Scaleup3.0 and Startup Grind. This year, the team are focused on delivering a major partner integration with Swiftaid as well as successfully delivering their latest InnovateUK project of £220,000 around wider tax challenges.