15. PayFuture

Company: PayFuture

Founder:  Manpreet Haer

Website: https://www.payfuture.net/

Description: PayFuture is one of the UK’s fastest growing payment gateways, enabling merchants to connect to multiple local payment solutions in the most hard-to-reach emerging markets. Since launching its payment services offering in 2020, the UK fintech has achieved triple digital growth with demand for its technology soaring.


About PayFuture

Founded in the UK and bootstrapped without any external funding, PayFuture has rapidly grown to be a trusted and leading payment gateway solution. It now works with hundreds of international online merchants looking to enter emerging markets and capture significant business opportunities in markets which have traditionally been hard to penetrate.

Covering a gap in the payments market

Traditional barriers to entry for many overseas merchants trying to tap into emerging markets such as India, Thailand and Brazil have included finding reliable providers, dealing with alien and often difficult to navigate local regulations, cultural nuances as well as poor customer service and conversions in these underdeveloped regions.

Cognizant of these barriers, PayFuture launched with a team of innovators and payments experts creating a suite of products to enable merchants to access all the most local payment methods in emerging markets via one single software connection. This resulted in greatly improved payment abandonment and increased revenues.

Rapid growth

Since its launch, fintech’s rapid growth can be attributed to its unique approach to building strategic partnerships with multiple localised payment providers in emerging territories around the world. PayFuture’s offering enables its merchants to deliver a seamless customer experience, optimum approvals and full conversion recovery to decrease merchants’ revenue loss. With PayFuture’s Risk and Fraud monitoring system, merchants also benefit from comprehensive fraud protection and auto alerts, which warn merchants of potential risks as they occur.

Having recently opened its second London office, PayFuture has quickly expanded its reach with more than 50 employees spread across the UK, Dubai, Philippines, Malta, Spain, Italy and India. PayFuture is also looking to launch offices in other emerging markets, increase its headcount and form new local partnerships.


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