16. Claro Money

Company: Claro Money

Founder: Rob Brockington

Website: https://claromoney.co.uk/

Description: Claro is the UK’s first financial coaching app, designed to encourage everyone to make smarter financial decisions and drive a lasting change in the way society manages money. We’ve just launched publicly (on the 16th of August) to a waiting list of over 25,000.


Inside the Claro app, users can speak to a real financial coach, view their spending across multiple accounts, create goals, as well as choose saving and investing products based on their timeline, risk levels and values.

Our aim is to provide users with the education, support and tools to allow them to achieve their personal financial goals – whether that’s building an emergency fund, buying a home or investing for the future.

A Chat with Rob Brockington, CEO at Financial Coaching App: Claro Money



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