17. Banked


Company: Banked

Founder:  Brad Goodall

Website: https://banked.com/

Description: Founded in 2018, Banked is a London-based start-up that sits in between banks, businesses and individuals to help manage the way financial data is accessed. It offers a world-class global payments network based on API access to super secure banking rails. Its account-to-account payment software allows consumers, businesses and banks to process payments more cost-effectively than legacy payment methods like card payments.


About Banked

Banked are building a global, digital payments network, based on API access to super secure banking rails, but free from the limitations of their decades old technology and cost model to support it.

Payments have so far missed out on the cost benefits that come from scale and the innovation potential of the digitisation of other areas of our lives.

Their goal is to deliver a fairer, faster and highly secure payment network to merchants and consumers. They provide the tools to enable merchants to regain control of rewarding and incentivising their customers to drive loyalty and lifetime value.


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