18. Accelerated Payments

Company: Accelerated Payments

Founder:  Ian Duffy

Website: https://acceleratedpayments.com/

Description: Founded in 2017, the company offers flexible and efficient working capital solutions to help businesses manage their immediate cash flow. This is achieved by paying the individual invoices of companies up front and providing bad debt protection against their debtors, thereby freeing up capital that is tied up in paperwork.


About Accelerated Payments

Accelerated Payments was created by entrepreneurs with many years’ experience in financial services as well as starting and running their own businesses.

They know the highs and lows of dreaming up and starting a new business that offers something better, something special, something individual. To bring it from zero sales and one employee to a stage where it has employees, customers, sales – and prospects.

So they decided to set up Accelerated Payments to solve the particular cash flow hurdle that you face right now, through their innovative Individual Invoice Finance service.



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