19. Pave

Company: Pave

Founders: Sho Sugihara & Chris Butcher

Website: https://www.paveapp.com/

Description: Pave provided efficient credit fixes, improves credit usage, helps users to pay bills on time and improves credit history.



About Pave

“Pave are on a mission to improve access to credit for millions of people by building the world’s best credit builder. They do this by offering the proper path to good credit.

They have close to 500,000 registered users to date and we help our members improve their credit health in three ways. First, there’s bills monitoring. They help you track and make your bill payments on time to protect and build your score. Second, subject to an affordability assessment, customers can also access an interest free credit line to help pay their bills.

They share your credit utilisation and payment history on this credit line with credit bureaus to actively build your credit score. Finally, they give you personalised actions to take to help improve your score efficiently, with seven days a week expert support.”


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