Company: ETHAX

Founder(s): Dan Da Rosa

Website: https://ethax.com/

Description:ETHAX is virtually the smartest crypto company in the world with a purpose to revolutionise the crypto industry by making it inclusive for all through technology, innovation and regulation.




ETHAX is virtually the smartest crypto company in the world with a purpose to revolutionise the crypto industry by making it inclusive for all through technology, innovation and regulation.

ETHAX aims to redefine the cryptocurrency space for the better by championing user-friendly interaction and sector regulation. Extremely forward thinking, ETHAX was born with the mission to lower access barriers into cryptocurrency and make the process of investing in digital assets safer, easier, smarter and more efficient.

ETHAX builds technology that equally serves experts and novices, spearheading the ETHAX ethos of inclusivity. The vision to create a safe environment within a behemoth industry is bold but ETHAX has already made great strides with recognition from the likes of Bloomberg, Yahoo and VentureBeat.

ETHAX CEO Dan Da Rosa has been trading crypto since 2015 with ETHAX being incorporated in March 2021. By May 2022, ETHAX launched the ETHAX Token with a full suite of service products to follow. The ETHAX team are proven professionals, traders, data scientists and advanced software developers with stellar backgrounds coming together to create a quality product with integrity.

Challenges are constant: Building one-size-fits-all technology that is plug-and-play; evolving regulations; educating cryptophobes; marketing against sector barriers. Another significant challenge has been creating a trading platform for all – ETHAX TRADER. This machine-learning, non-custodial, state-of-the-art platform for trading cryptocurrency is designed for big data. It has the ability to distil data into manageable and useful insights that contribute towards informed decisions. The software can monitor and execute entry and exit points of trading positions 24/7/365. Simply put, ETHAX TRADER gives more traders more knowledge to trade confidently.

ETHAX understands the challenge of sector regulation having conducted a YouGov poll which proved that lack of regulation prevented 75% of people trading cryptocurrency. ETHAX is one of very few regulated cryptocurrency businesses in existence; as of March 2022, from 18,000 cryptocurrencies only 0.01% were licensed and regulated.

Over the next year ETHAX will roll out its full suite of products including:
ETHAXSWAP (world’s first zero-fee decentralised exchange);
ETHAX WALLET (digital asset wallet);
ETHAX NFT (universal marketplace)
ETHAX TRADER (a cutting-edge, machine-learning trading platform).

The ETHAX Token will continue listing on further exchanges, with the aim to make ETHAX a recognised name within the crypto and wider investment industry.

ETHAX will also continue growing an engaged community through sector-leading creative marketing.

ETHAX is primed to work towards more regulation in the crypto industry, providing a safer system to engage newcomers and steering the UK fintech revolution forwards.

ETHAX’s aim is to provide clients (newcomers, novices and pros) with one destination for crypto.

Achievements include:
Successfully closed two rounds of funding; secured licences to exchange and manage cryptocurrency; launched the ETHAX Token on multiple exchanges; listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko; passed stringent audits; trademarked the ETHAX brand and core assets; created a marketing package engaging + 1million video views and +50,000 social media followers; achieved numerous press features.



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