26. PayCaptain

Company: PayCaptain

Founder(s): Simon Bocca

Website: https://www.paycaptain.com/

Description: PayCaptain has successfully brought together cutting-edge FinTech capabilities with proven B2B HR Tech to transform how employees are paid and elevate payroll operations for forward-thinking companies.



About PayCaptain

PayCaptain was founded in early 2020, and went live with its first customers in July 2020. It uses the latest tech and latest thinking to provide a complete Payroll and Financial Wellness Solution for innovative companies that understand the importance of good financial wellbeing in their workforce.

PayCaptain replaces or enhances a company’s legacy payroll and payment processing systems and can radically improve the payroll function and the employee payroll experience. It is their mission to put people in control of the money they earn by empowering them to manage their money in the best possible way and reduce the negative effects of financial stress in the workplace.PayCaptain has  personalised education feature to build financial resilience as well as smart AI chatbots to guide employees about their payslip. Any queries that cannoy be helped by AI are seamlessly transferred to a companybranded payroll team. An employees’ earnings can be split between multiple bank accounts, perhaps to cover savings, bills and day to day living.  It has a Money Planning Tool to plan income and spending in one place, plus  mployees can access accrued earnings for free with a preplanned automatic weekly advance of up to £200 a week.

It combines payroll, banking and wellness tools, allowing employers to support and empower their employees to take control of their finances to achieve greater financial wellbeing. PayCaptain enables companies to be more strategic and creative in rewarding and paying their employees, as it embraces open banking, modern messaging and faster payments removing the need for BACS. PayCaptain can replace or enhance legacy payroll and payment processing systems. It allows the complete payroll process to be on brand and aligned with company values. 



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