27. Access PaySuite

Company: Access PaySuite

Founder: Andrea Dunlop

Website: https://www.accesspaysuite.com/

Description: Access PaySuite is a digital payments provider, trusted by more than 5,000 companies across the UK. Working across a range of different sectors and with leading brands such as YoTelecom, Mind and PayPoint, Access PaySuite’s solutions enable businesses to keep track of recurring Direct Debit payments, simplify subscription models, and eliminate the risk of failed collection.

About Access PaySuite

After launching in June 2021, Access PaySuite has transformed over the last 12 months, growing its client pool by more than 300%. With two acquisitions under its belt, the business has worked to integrate and consolidate four payment platforms into one, including the consolidation of their FCA regulated entities.

With an increasing number of businesses seeking to improve their digital payment experience, Access PaySuite’s software solutions offer a selection of fully customisable payments pages. All pages come with pre-set templates that can be customised in-line with the individual brand’s needs.

With inflation and the cost of living continuing to spiral, Access PaySuite not only helps businesses to overcome the challenge of late or failed payments, but also help their employees when they need it most. Its EarlyPay solution gives workers instant, advanced access to a percentage of their earned wage, without complicating payroll processes. When an employee takes money out of their earned pay, Access EarlyPay does all the hard work, sending the money to the employee and automatically logging the withdrawal and fees within the payroll system.

As part of The Access Group, recently valued at more than £9 billion, Access PaySuite has ambitious growth plans focused around offering its customers new product innovations with embedded payments functionality central to all of its solutions.



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