43. Nova Finance

Company: Nova Finance

Founder:  Adam Greenberg and Tom Siche

Website: https://www.novafinance.app

Description: Nova Finance was founded by Adam Greenberg and Tom Sichel – two crypto enthusiasts who are aiming to use Defi to increase access to tools and financial opportunities that have typically been reserved for banks and other financial institutions, allowing us all to invest like a crypto professional.

About Nova Finance

The pair have already begun to realise their dream by launching Nova Finance in 2021 by securing a first round investment of $3million (when they only had initial plans for $1.7million) from some of the leading investment partners in the industry, and have been humbled by the support the community has shown the protocol.

A Solana-based DeFi, Nova Finance is a non-custodial asset management protocol. In short Nova Finance is an asset framework that allows people to access DeFi without having to having to learn complex cryptocurrency skills.

Within the product, users can create a portfolio of assets that auto-generate returns through yield strategies while auto-executing on investment strategies such as dollar-cost averaging, take profit calls and much more. They use an innovative Asset which is a new type of synthetic asset which uses Nova’s programmable management layer to give users increased control and accessibility to powerful asset management tools and are compostable and can be used across the entire Defi space.

Much of asset management is still a very manual process within DeFi and a great knowledge barrier exists for the many newcomers to the space. Nova believe the product they are building will help to eliminate these barriers and also help people to navigate the uncertain times, such as the current bear market, with the trust that they are investing in the smartest way possible



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