10 Best Automation Tools For Your eCommerce Store

Running, managing and growing an eCommerce store can be a lot of work, and so it is important to put systems and strategies in place to ensure smooth operations. One way to go about this is through applying automation tools and systems to your business functions. This allows for more efficient processes.


What Exactly Is An Automation Tool?


In eCommerce, automation tools help businesses and teams by taking care of the tedious tasks that can be quite repetitive and take quite a bit of time when done manually. Instead of focusing on these tasks, automation tools handle that burden for you, so you can attend to more important tasks of running the ecommerce store.


Type Of Automation In ECommerce


  • Email Automation: Automatically sends emails to customers based on specific actions they’ve taken, like abandoning a cart or completing a purchase
  • Marketing Automation: Helps in running marketing campaigns across different channels without manually keeping tabs on each one
  • Customer Service Automation: Uses tools like chatbots to answer common customer queries instantly, improving response times
  • Inventory Management Automation: Keeps track of stock levels and automatically reorders products to prevent sell-outs

Below, are 10 useful automation tools that any business owner can use to enhance their workflows:


1. Trello



Trello’s automation tool, Butler, simplifies your workflow without the need for coding. Built into every Trello board, Butler lets you focus on essential tasks by handling repetitive actions automatically.

You can create rules, buttons, and commands to automate almost any Trello action, such as moving cards, adding members, setting due dates, and compiling task checklists.

Butler also integrates with popular apps like Slack, Jira, and email, enabling automated messages, ticket creation, and email sending directly from your boards. This makes Butler a must-have for enhancing productivity and efficiency in managing your ecommerce store’s projects and tasks.


2. Mailchimp



Mailchimp’s marketing automation platform lets you connect with customers effectively, turning browsers into loyal buyers. It enables you to set up personal and adaptable workflows with the Customer Journey Builder, update customers with personalised transactional emails, and recapture attention through retargeting ads.

Integrations enhance the relevance of your messages based on customer interactions. This tool simplifies campaign management and boosts customer engagement, making it an essential asset for any ecommerce store looking to streamline its marketing efforts in a straightforward manner.


3. Shopify



Shopify Flow provides an efficient solution for automating daily ecommerce tasks, helping you save time and resources. It allows for the creation of bespoke workflows that integrate seamlessly with your current apps, simplifying inventory management and automating marketing campaigns.

Features like Launchpad for scheduling sales and Shopify Functions for customising checkout experiences enhance operational efficiency. With Shopify Flow, businesses automate over £1 billion in decisions each month and complete thousands of unique tasks, proving its effectiveness in boosting productivity without the need for extra staff.

Its user-friendly design and integration with popular apps make it an essential tool for ecommerce businesses aiming to optimise their operations and improve customer service.


4. Salesloft




Salesloft is platform designed to support sales teams in exceeding quotas by building pipeline, delivering revenue, retaining customers, and forecasting accurately.

Its unique feature, Rhythm, uses AI to transform buyer behaviour into actionable seller tasks, ensuring your revenue team consistently meets their targets. With Salesloft’s Conductor AI, tasks are prioritized based on urgency and impact, while its integration capabilities automate task assignments directly into workflows.

Additionally, Salesloft’s mobile app allows for prospecting, engaging, and deal closure on the go, making selling more streamlined. This platform provides essential tools like Cadence for scaling prospecting and Conversations for enhancing seller-customer interactions, all integrated into a single, user-friendly environment.


5. Monite



Monite offers a powerful accounts payable automation workflow designed to streamline how your clients handle supplier relationships and payments. With features like email collection, OCR, and approval workflows, it simplifies the entire payment process, supporting SEPA/ACH or BNPL payments with just one click.

Trusted by numerous B2B platforms, Monite aims to tackle the common challenge SMEs face with late bill payments and high processing costs. It provides a complete overview of vendors and payables, integrated payments, and the opportunity to earn from transaction fees.

Monite can be integrated quickly, in just two weeks, offering a practical solution for enhancing your ecommerce store’s financial operations.



6. Re:nable




Re:nable supercharges your ecommerce performance with AI feed enrichment, transforming how you create and manage ads. With dynamic image templating and AI-generated copy, it simplifies ad customization through a drag-and-drop editor, allowing even those without graphic design skills to craft impactful ads.

Incorporating user reviews directly into your ads can significantly boost click-through rates and return on ad spend. Aimée, the AI behind Re:nable, excels in tasks like image processing and copywriting, ensuring your catalog marketing is both efficient and effective.

Clients using Re:nable report a notable increase in overall performance, a reduction in cost per conversion, and a higher click-through rate.


7. AgileXRM





AgileXRM enhances the Microsoft Power Platform® with low-code dialogues and business process management, making it simpler for even more people within an organization to create and manage apps without needing extensive coding knowledge.

It features guided processes for interactions such as self-service, contact-center scripting, and surveys, offering runtime process management for instant adaptations to changing business requirements. Hosted on Azure, AgileXRM ensures security, scalability, and performance.

Its natural design approach allows for easy understanding and management of end-to-end processes, involving users both inside and outside the organisation and improving efficiency and adaptability in response to new challenges.


8. Shown




Shown simplifies ad campaigns for businesses, making it straightforward to advertise on major channels. It’s ideal for newcomers and those on tight budgets, automatically adjusting ads to enhance performance.

From setting up targeting and writing ad copy to designing creatives, Shown handles it all. It works with all key ad platforms, ensuring you get the most from your advertising spend. The tool also offers around-the-clock ad optimisation, including pausing ineffective keywords and suggesting new targets.

With Shown, you get a clear view of your campaign’s success through a single dashboard, making managing budgets across platforms simple. Shown is a practical choice for any business looking to boost its online presence without the hassle.


9. GetResponse



GetResponse gives your ecommerce venture a leg-up by simplifying marketing automation. Just one click integrates it with top ecommerce platforms, syncing up your products and customer info. It enables you to push sales via email marketing, SMS, and web notifications, all while targeting your audience with precision.

It’s packed with features like detailed segmentation for targeted campaigns, speedy transactional emails for instant purchase confirmations, and promotional codes to lift your revenue. Plus, AI-driven product suggestions tailor the shopping experience for each customer.

With popups to convert visitors and clever ads to attract new customers, GetResponse is designed to amplify conversions and sales efficiently.





NEXT BASKET’s ecommerce automation software streamlines operations, enabling businesses to enhance efficiency and increase sales without manual intervention.

This platform offers a comprehensive suite of automation tools, from marketing and inventory management to seamless integrations, designed to eliminate tedious tasks and refine processes.

Businesses can save significant time and resources, leading to increased customer acquisition and revenue. With NEXT BASKET, you can automate email communications, product uploads in multiple languages, currency exchange rates, and much more, ensuring your ecommerce store operates smoothly and effectively.