10 Shipping And Navigation Technology Companies You Should Know About

This week, a Greek shipping vessel was hit by Yemen’s Houthi movement in the Red Sea. This is already sending shockwaves through a variety of industries, with Shell suspending shipments in the Red Sea.

The shipping and navigation industry might not be the most interesting sector, but it sure is important. Here, we spotlight ten companies that are at the forefront of these industries, each contributing unique technologies in security, navigation, and technology.

Let’s take a look…


1. Flexport


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Flexport is a 360 shipping company, that focuses on supply chain management and logistics, including order management, delivery, trade financing, insurance, freight forwarding and customs brokerage. Its innovative platform integrates all information about the shipping process and the parties involved into one place, making it easier to track progress.

The company has eyes over the entire process, allowing its customers to sell globally and grow at scale.


2. Maersk Line


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Maersk Line, a division of the global A.P. Moller-Maersk, stands as one of the largest container shipping companies worldwide. The company is the world’s second largest container shipping company by both fleet size and cargo capacity. Known for its huge global trade network, Maersk Line operates in various sea routes, providing a huge range of logistics and transportation services.

The company’s commitment to innovation means it is an industry leader in having reliable and efficient data management across the chain, ensuring complete visibility and control with every trip.


3. COSCO Shipping Lines


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COSCO Shipping Lines is a major player in the global shipping industry.

With its commitment to technology, COSCO has been focusing on digitalising its shipping operations. The company’s efforts to move into the digital space for operations can be seen through its use of blockchain technology for electronic bill of lading (eBL). An electronic bill of lading (eBL) is a digital version of a traditional paper bill, serving as a legal document in the shipping process, which records the receipt, contract, and title of goods for transportation

This innovation not only streamlines operations but also significantly improves customer service. COSCO Shipping Lines is also dedicated to environmental sustainability, implementing eco-friendly technologies to reduce its carbon footprint.


4. Hapag-Lloyd


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Hapag-Lloyd, a leading global shipping company headquartered in Germany, has a rich history of over 30 years in the industry. The company’s continuous innovation in software and services, along with the adoption of the latest technology, shows its commitment to advancing smart shipping technologies.

Leveraging AI and data analysis, Hapag-Lloyd prides itself on reliability and efficiency. The focus on tech and sustainability reflects its dedication to eco-friendliness. With a global reach and a strong emphasis on innovation, Hapag-Lloyd plays a big role in shaping the future of shipping logistics​​.


5. OneWeb


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OneWeb is a global communications company that aims to connect everyone, everywhere. Through a network of satellites in Low Earth Orbit, OneWeb delivers high-speed communications services everywhere. Their low-latency technology also allows them to connect people regardless of the weather.

The recent launch of their OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit maritime service is designed specifically for vessels at sea, enhancing communication and connectivity away from land.




6. Evergreen Line


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Evergreen Line is a big name in the global container shipping industry. The company is famous for its GreenX digital portal, a platform that streamlines the booking process for cargo space. This platform shows Evergreen Line’s commitment to digital innovation, giving customers instant quotes and an easy booking experience.

Evergreen Line’s focus on customer-centric services is further shown by its efficient and effective shipping solutions. The GreenX platform is a testament to Evergreen’s dedication to integrating digital tech into traditional shipping operations, giving users an easy and efficient experience.


7. Container xChange


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Container xChange is making waves in the logistics sector, particularly in container leasing and trading. This online marketplace helps carriers, leasing companies, and logistics companies to use unused capacity on containers, vessels, trains, and trucks.

The company does it all, through finding containers, shipping and sorting payments, making it an easy process from start to finish.


8. Hidonix


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Hidonix, an innovative Italian startup, is redefining navigation technology with its advanced indoor and outdoor position tracking systems. Hidonix’s ION platform is particularly impressive for enabling navigation in multi-level buildings without the need for traditional hardware like beacons or WiFi routers.

By using geomagnetic fields and smartphone sensors, the platform provides accurate indoor and outdoor location tracking. Hidonix’s technology is useful for monitoring the flow of people in buildings, enhancing security, and improving crowd management. This breakthrough in navigation technology positions Hidonix’s at the front of Navigation Tech.


9. TECO 2030


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TECO 2030, a Norwegian company, is innovating the shipping industry by creating innovative fuel cell systems to lower maritime emissions. Their work is a crucial part of the industry’s shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices, moving more towards zero-emission power sources.

TECO 2030’s fuel cell systems can also easy retrofit into existing vessels, allowing for a smoother transition to greener energy sources. The company is making a name for itself in the sector, especially around green practices.


10. Iridium


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Iridium is a global satellite and communications company, providing data to anywhere on earth. Their unique coverage makes them the only network that covers 100% of the planet – and the low-latency nature of their technology means the weather doesn’t impact the connection – no matter where you are on earth.