11 Ticketmaster Alternatives In 2024

Ticketmaster makes it easy for venues and organisers to create and manage events. Its collaborative tools, users can set up events quickly and efficiently. This ease of use allows organisers to focus more on other aspects of their events.

Managing a small gig or a large-scale event, Ticketmaster provides flexible solutions for different requirements. These tools make event setup less time-consuming and more straightforward.

How Are Tickets Sold Through Ticketmaster?

Ticket sales are an important part of Ticketmaster’s service. The platform supports so many different ticketing solutions to cater to different types of events.

Ticketmaster combines its powerful client tools with a fan-friendly marketplace, so that venues sell more tickets.

What Happens On Event Day?

On the day of the event, Ticketmaster’s technology makes sure everything runs smoothly. SafeTix™ technology links digital tickets to the purchaser’s account using an encrypted barcode that refreshes every few seconds, improving security and reducing fraud. This system was even used by 96% of fans at the US Open.

The platform also helps with ticket scanning and monitoring ingress, making entry to events efficient and stress-free. Event organisers can track attendance in real-time, which helps manage the crowd and improve the overall experience for fans.

How Does Ticketmaster Handle Marketing And Measurement?

Marketing is another big part of Ticketmaster’s service. The platform provides integrated marketing solutions that boost return on investment.

Ticketmaster also provides detailed measurement tools to help organisers understand their audience. These insights allow for more targeted marketing strategies, so that promotional efforts reach the right people.

What Platforms Are Similar To Ticketmaster?

Last week, Ticketmaster was down, and thankfully, it was resolved swiftly. The incident could however motivate one to have a look at other platforms that also sell tickets, or allow others to sell for them. Here are 11 Ticketmaster alternatives to try out in the UK:






LIVE IT is a leading ticketing platform based in the UK. The company (whose name when pronounced rhymes with ‘give it’) are revolutionising the way events are experienced. Specialising in providing seamless ticketing solutions for music, festivals, attractions, and sports events, LIVE IT caters to both event organisers and attendees with a focus on client service. Through advanced technology and a user-friendly interface, the platform ensures a smooth and engaging ticket purchasing journey for the ticket buyer.

The LIVE IT platform is provided via the internet (software as a service) and allows venue operators and event promoters to have great value best in class ticketing technology.

LIVE IT offers a comprehensive suite of services including secure online ticket sales, real-time analytics, and marketing tools designed to maximise attendance and revenue. The platform has a broad feature set supports a wide range of events from intimate concerts to large-scale tourist attractions, delivering customisable solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

In addition to its core managed services for managed clients who have a dedicated account team, LIVE IT operates Bookitbee, a self-service ticketing brand that empowers smaller event organisers to manage their own ticketing effortlessly. This service extends LIVE IT’s reach, making professional-grade ticketing accessible to all event sizes.

Founded on the principles of reliability, flexibility, and innovation, LIVE IT is committed to enhancing the event experience for both organisers and attendees.

2. Ticketek




With over 40 years’ experience ticketing the biggest live events and venues in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. Ticketek is the leading ticketing partner to the sport and live entertainment industry and operates the UK’s most advanced multi-channel ticket sales and distribution network.

Ticketek UK has offices in London and Bristol.

3. TicketWeb



TicketWeb promotes new and upcoming musical talent. It collaborates directly with promoters, venues, labels, and management teams to feature upcoming artists across various genres. Independent promoters, venues, and artists can benefit from TicketWeb Backline, a DIY ticketing platform that simplifies the ticketing process.

Focused on independent music and new technology, TicketWeb can be a go-to platform for discovering fresh acts and managing ticket sales.

4. Vivid Seats




Vivid Seats connects fans with live events, enhancing the experience of attending concerts, sports, and other performances. The platform has a wide range of tickets, from popular to niche events, and rewards customers through a unique loyalty programme. Here, users can even collect stamps with each purchase, which can be redeemed for future tickets, making every ticket bought an investment in future experiences.

5. StubHub International




StubHub International is a marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets to different types of events across the globe. Recently becoming independent from its US and Canadian counterparts, StubHub International now operates under the ownership of Digital Fuel Capital.

This change allows the platform to focus on agility and competitiveness in markets across Europe and beyond. Their focus is on helping fans access live events, supported by teams in major cities like London, Madrid, and Berlin.


6. Gigs and Tours



Gigs and Tours is the official website of S.J.M. Concerts, one of the UK’s leading concert promoters. It provides up-to-date news and tickets for prestigious events such as Country to Country, Neighbourhood Weekender, and Sounds Of The City. The platform covers major artists and venues across the UK, often offering tickets first through exclusive announcements.

7. AXS



From global arena tours and championships to the most intimate venues, AXS fuels epic experiences giving fans the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

As the preferred ticketing company by over 500 premier venues, sports teams, and event organisers around the world, AXS boasts innovative technology that is simple, convenient and secure for fans while generating new revenue streams for partners.

8. Eventbrite



Eventbrite is a global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. From music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies and fundraisers, to gaming competitions and air guitar contests. Their mission is to bring the world together through live experiences.

9. WeGotTickets



WeGotTickets stands out for its ethical practices and low booking fees. The platform supports local grassroots music and comedy events, working with organisers of all sizes. It has raised significant funds for charities like The Trussell Trust and Oxfam through partnerships.

WeGotTickets’ user-friendly ticketing system has no setup costs, making it accessible to both professionals and hobbyists. Its customer support team, twice awarded for outstanding service, handles all inquiries efficiently.

10. SeatGeek


SeatGeek is the live entertainment platform that’s rethinking ticketing by caring more about fans, teams and venues. We’re powering a new, open entertainment industry where fans have effortless access to experiences, and teams, venues and shows have seamless access to their audiences.
11. Citizen Ticket

Citizen Ticket is an all-in-one ticketing platform and CRM for managing experiences and events. In May 2024, Citizen Ticket strengthened its market position with the acquisition of ticketing site TicketSellers and Eventree. With a reputation built on reliability, and a deep understanding of the industry, TicketSellers brings a wealth of experience, key personnel, and valuable relationships to Citizen Ticket.