Top 10 Venue Booking Software

Venue booking software has become an indispensable asset for event planners, venue managers, and hospitality professionals, streamlining the process of managing bookings, client communications, and event logistics. In this list, we’ll explore the top 10 venue booking software options, each offering unique features and capabilities to cater to various needs.

1. iVvy



iVvy, founded by CEO Lauren Hall, gives venue booking and event management with its advanced, cloud-based technology. Established in 2010, this platform connects the fragmented meetings and events sector, offering solutions for venues and planners to increase revenue and sell more function space efficiently. Suitable for a diverse range of venues including hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and universities, iVvy’s software streamlines the entire event management process through automation.

Key to iVvy’s success is its focus on connectivity and collaboration. The platform boasts over 55 integrations with various third-party programs, apps, and tools, allowing for seamless coordination of activities ranging from accounting to restaurant reservations.

This comprehensive suite simplifies planning, marketing, and delivering events, ensuring ease of use for all team members.

In addition to management tools, iVvy also increases venue visibility through the iVvy Marketplace, visited by 32,000 event planners monthly, enhancing booking opportunities.

With a global presence and offices in Australia, South Africa, the USA, and the UK, iVvy serves 10,000 users across 13 countries. The software’s proven efficacy in boosting venue booking conversions and lead generation makes it an indispensable tool for the modern event and venue management industry.

2. CaterSOFT


CaterSOFT, specifically tailored for wedding caterers, outside caterers, and event planners, revolutionises event management with its all-inclusive, centralised CRM system. This end-to-end solution empowers catering companies and event planners to respond swiftly to sales leads and create captivating proposals effortlessly. The system facilitates seamless teamwork, enabling staff to manage business effectively from any location.

The platform’s functionalities cater to different team needs: sales managers can track enquiry leads with automated reminders, the kitchen team gets easy-to-read kitchen sheets with detailed menus and allergen notes, while the events team benefits from detailed event job sheets, planning reports, and equipment hire details. For accounts teams, CaterSOFT offers a flexible deposit system and efficient payment tracking, simplifying financial management.

Standout features of CaterSOFT include ultra-modern event proposals, a color-coded bookings diary for quick tracking, and comprehensive event planning tools. Additionally, the system integrates a web enquiry form to streamline lead management and offers detailed reporting tools for tracking sales success. With its user-friendly interface and customisable features, CaterSOFT is an essential tool for modern catering and event management, helping businesses maximise efficiency and profitability.

3. Participant


Participant is a dynamic online registration and ticketing platform, catering to a diverse range of events, courses, conferences, and memberships throughout the UK. It stands out as a comprehensive solution for organisations aiming to efficiently promote their events, handle online payments, and cultivate a robust customer database to foster business expansion.

This platform is known for its rapid setup process. Its flexible, modular-based system is apt for organisations of various sizes. Participant ensures that clients can begin processing online registrations within minutes. The integrated payment solution guarantees secure transactions and consistent weekly payouts.

Key features of Participant include a secure and user-friendly online booking system, tailored to meet the needs of event organisers. The system is versatile, ideal for a wide array of events including sports camps, memberships, conferences, and webinars. Starting is straightforward: create a booking page quickly, tailor it to your event’s needs, and start receiving registrations and payments promptly.

Participant prides itself on offering personalised customer support, ensuring a direct and regular contact with their support team at no extra cost. The platform also continually evolves, adding new features like recurring payments, session bookings, QR code check-ins, and more, based on client feedback and its extensive industry experience.

4. Hallmaster



Hallmaster is a venue booking software designed specifically for Village Halls, Community Centres, Church Halls, and Clubhouses. Used by over 1500 venues, it simplifies booking and invoicing processes and integrates seamlessly with existing websites. Hallmaster enables Booking Officers to manage bookings remotely, with a system accessible from a ny internet-connected device.

Its key features include a multi-venue option for managing multiple sites under one license, making it ideal for councils and cooperatives. The software is known for increasing a venue’s reach and self-funding capabilities by promoting online availability and events. Hallmaster’s annual license includes unlimited bookings and invoicing, free system upgrades, and comprehensive support. Endorsed by ACRE, it’s recognised for improving the management of community venues.


5. Surreal


Surreal, originally Muso, is an innovative platform transforming live entertainment management. Launched in Melbourne in 2018, it began with a focus on live music and has since expanded to include a variety of entertainment forms like quiz nights and comedy. Surreal streamlines the management of live events, offering tools for bookings, marketing, operations, and finance in one integrated system.

It supports venues in managing multiple bookings and brings together team members from different departments into a cohesive unit. With features for automated entertainment promotion and efficient financial management, Surreal simplifies the entire process, allowing venues to focus on delivering unforgettable live experiences. Trusted globally, Surreal has hosted over 50,000 gigs and is committed to making live experiences a vital part of everyday life.


6. Avalon Booking Software

Avalon Booking Software is a cloud-hosted system ideal for small to medium-sized businesses managing halls, rooms, or any facilities for hire. It simplifies bookings and financial management across internet-enabled devices, making it accessible and efficient for remote operations.

The system offers automated booking confirmations, easy tracking of financial transactions, and detailed performance analysis tools. Avalon seamlessly integrates with accounting packages like Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks, ensuring error-free financial operations.

A key feature of Avalon is its marketing capability, with a rich database for targeted customer communication and promotions. This software is particularly beneficial for reducing administrative workloads while offering valuable insights into business performance, making venue management smoother and more profitable.


7. Giggio


Giggio is the go-to booking system for entertainers, designed to significantly reduce administrative workload. It streamlines processes like tracking enquiries, generating contracts, managing payments, and overseeing upcoming events.

This efficient system allows entertainers to focus more on their performances and less on tedious admin tasks. With Giggio, users can quickly set up their account, add clients, and issue professional invoices within minutes. The platform is tailored for a wide range of entertainment professionals, including DJs, bands, magicians, face painters, and more.

Features like automated contract templates, email templates, customer directories, and expense management tools are included. Giggio also provides secure payment options with GiggioPay, supporting card payments without additional monthly fees. The system is ideal for entertainers seeking to professionalise their business operations and grow their clientele.


8. LemonBooking


LemonBooking offers a tailored online booking system for village halls and community buildings. This user-friendly service includes an online calendar and booking request form, allowing customers to independently check availability and submit requests. The system is perfect for managing various events, from private functions to public classes.

Designed for village and church halls, town buildings, and memorial halls, LemonBooking integrates seamlessly into existing websites. It also provides an easy-to-use website editor for creating new sites, with free hosting and custom domain options included.

Venue managers maintain full control with LemonBooking. They can customise the online booking form to fit their operational style, receive automated notifications, and use flexible calendar settings. The system supports various payment methods, including Stripe and PayPal, streamlining online payments and invoicing.

9. EventPro


Profit Systems Inc. offers EventPro Software, designed for comprehensive event management, venue booking, and catering management. It’s ideal for event venues, planners, and caterers.

This integrated solution streamlines various aspects of event organization, from initial planning to execution, making it a versatile tool for industry professionals.

EventPro is known for its user-friendly interface and robust features, catering to the dynamic needs of event management and venue booking.

10. Planning Pod


Planning Pod emerged from a desire to support event professionals overwhelmed by the details of event and venue management. Recognising a gap in tech innovations for the events industry, co-founders Steven and Jeff used their marketing and event expertise to create a tool that streamlines workflows, automates time-consuming processes, and is user-friendly.

Planning Pod, deeply rooted in feedback and continuous improvement, is an evolving platform that simplifies the management of event details, replacing the juggle of spreadsheets and emails.

It’s a testament to the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to empowering event professionals to focus on creating enriching events without the hassle of administrative burdens.

Planning Pod actively involves its users and an advisory board in its development, ensuring it remains relevant and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the event planning and venue management industry.