10 Ways To Speed Up Your Broadband


Are you tired of waiting for Netflix to buffer or experiencing sluggish internet speeds? In 2024, where almost everything we do is digital, this should be a problem of the past.

If slow broadband is getting you down, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with these 10 easy, budget-friendly, and effective tips and how-to steps to supercharge your Wi-Fi and internet connection this year without breaking the bank.


1. Reposition Your Router and Antennas


   Is your Wi-Fi signal weak or prone to disconnection? Consider the following steps:

  • Central Placement: Position your router in the centre of your home for optimal coverage
  • Open Space:  Keep the router in an open area to reduce interference and prevent overheating
  • Elevation: Place the router on a high shelf or use a wall mount for better signal propagation
  • Antenna Orientation: Experiment with antenna positions, aiming for vertical or angled orientations to improve signal distribution


2. Update Your Router’s Firmware


   Ensure your router is up to date by following these steps:

  • Access Settings: Enter your router’s IP address in a web browser to access the settings page
  • Firmware Update: Look for the “Firmware Update” option and check for available updates
  • Download and Install: If an update is available, download and install it as per the on-screen instructions
  • Reboot Router: Reboot the router after the update to apply the changes


3. Reset Your Router


   Refresh your router’s connection with these simple steps:

  • Locate Reset Button: Find the reset button on the router (usually on the back or bottom)
  • Press and Hold: Use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds
  • Wait for Reboot: Allow the router to reboot fully, which may take a few minutes
  • Reconfigure Settings: After the reset, reconfigure your Wi-Fi network name and password if necessary


4. Utilise Ethernet Cables


   Harness the speed and reliability of wired connections:

  • Gather Supplies: Obtain Ethernet cables of suitable length
  • Connect Devices: Plug one end of the cable into the router’s LAN port and the other into your device’s Ethernet port
  • Configure Settings: Adjust network settings on your device to recognise the wired connection
  • Verify Connection: Test the connection to ensure successful internet access via Ethernet

5. Block Annoying Ads


   Enhance your browsing experience with ad-blocking plugins:

  • Install Plugin: Choose a reputable ad-blocking plugin like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin
  • Configure Settings: Customise the plugin’s settings to block ads effectively
  • Enjoy Ad-Free Browsing: Experience faster page loading and reduced bandwidth consumption without intrusive ads


6. Adjust Wi-Fi Frequency and Channel


   Optimise Wi-Fi performance with these adjustments:

  • Access Router Settings: Enter the router’s IP address in a web browser
  • Frequency Selection: Choose between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies based on device proximity and range requirements
  • Channel Adjustment: Select the least congested channel within your Wi-Fi frequency to minimise interference


7. Remove Wi-Fi Leeches


   Secure your network and prioritise authorised devices:

  • Change Wi-Fi Password: Update your Wi-Fi password regularly to prevent unauthorised access
  • Monitor Connected Devices: Use apps like Fing to identify and manage connected devices
  • Take Action: Remove any unrecognised devices and ensure only authorised users have access to your network


8. Upgrade Your Router


   Invest in improved hardware for enhanced performance:

  • Research New Models: Explore newer router models with advanced features like beamforming and MU-MIMO
  • Evaluate Requirements: Consider your specific needs and choose a router that aligns with your usage patterns
  • Installation and Setup: Follow manufacturer instructions for installation and initial configuration


9. Use Wi-Fi Extenders or Mesh Systems


   Expand your Wi-Fi coverage with these solutions:

  • Identify Dead Zones: Determine areas with poor Wi-Fi coverage
  • Select Equipment: Choose between Wi-Fi extenders or mesh systems based on coverage requirements
  • Installation: Follow setup instructions provided with the chosen equipment to extend Wi-Fi reach effectively


10. Consider Switching Internet Providers


    Explore alternative options for better internet service:

  • Research Providers: Investigate ISPs available in your area and compare packages and pricing. At TechRound, we recommend bOnline as a go-to reliable broadband service provider for both businesses and households alike.
  • Evaluate Performance: Consider switching if your current provider consistently delivers subpar speeds.
  • Make Informed Decision: Choose an ISP that offers faster speeds and reliable service to meet your needs.

Implement these practical tips to enjoy faster internet speeds and a smoother online experience without straining your budget. Say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming.