8 Liverpool VC Firms Investing In Early Stage Startups

Liverpool, in a business perspective, is considered to be a powerhouse as it economy contributes massively to the UK. According to Talk Business, Liverpool also saw the most significant increase in GVA in 2017 compared to the rest of the country.

Liverpool also has a growing startup scene and houses over 50,000 students across its universities. It’s no wonder that venture capitalists and investors are looking at Liverpool in hopes of becoming part of the next big thing.

Here, we take a look at 8 VC firms in Liverpool that could be the perfect fit to help fund your next venture.


Why Is Liverpool Appealing To Investors?


Compared to other major UK cities, Liverpool allows investors to bargain on solid rental returns on properties. This is because Liverpool flaunts affordable properties (compared to southern England), a growing student population, and increasing demand for housing because of overall city regeneration.

The large student population of Liverpool drives demand for student accommodation (which can translate into a reliable stream of income for investors) and the youthful atmosphere makes attracts both businesses and residents.

Liverpool has also seen major redevelopment in recent years, increasing tourism and business viability. The improved amenities and infrastructure make it an appealing place to live, work, and invest.


8 Liverpool VC Firms Investing In Early Stage Startups


Baltic Ventures




Baltic Ventures is a tech accelerator on a mission to back teams that are disrupting the markets of tomorrow.

Based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Baltic Ventures accelerate early-stage tech businesses that have global ambition.


Merseyside Special Investment Fund (MSIF)




Merseyside Special Investment Fund (MSIF) supports a wide range of programmes to assist small and medium sized businesses predominately in the Liverpool City Region, developing an environment where early-stage startups can flourish.

MSIF enables businesses to access finance from its own or partner resources and fund initiatives that provide support and development to small to medium-sized enterprises.

LCR Angel Network




The LCR Angel Network is the first network of Angel Investors for the Liverpool City Region, connecting high-yielding opportunities with angel investors.

They host specialised events, workshops and communications and aim to create growth for the economy by driving opportunities for both businesses and investors.


Maven Capital Partners




Maven Capital Partners is a private equity firm that specialises in providing essential capital and expertise to early stage startups.

Maven supports startups through different funding channels, including venture capital trusts, private equity investments, and specialist regional funds.


Liverpool Partners




Liverpool Partners proactively partner with businesses that want rapid growth, either by means of opportunity or acquisition.

They add value through capital provision, strategy execution and help source human capital talent.


DSW Ventures




DSW Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on providing investments to early-stage and startup businesses in under-funded regions of the UK, including Liverpool.

They provide support to their portfolio companies, attending board meetings, helping build management teams, and acting as catalysts to drive growth.


River Capital




River Capital provides businesses access to a wide range of funding options across the Liverpool City Region and wider North West, and across sectors.

They support early-stage businesses and can consider working capital, capital expenditure, acquisitions, management buyouts and other growth related activities.