Best Customer Advocacy Software 2021


What is Customer Advocacy Software?

Customer Advocacy Software is a form of marketing software that is designed to turn customers into spokespeople for your brand. A formal customer advocacy program does this by offering customer incentives. By doing this, you can encourage your best customers to take the time to spread the word about your company.

Customer advocacy software can be a great feature to support your growing business, spreading the word about your services/product, while giving something back to the supportive customers that help to make this happen.

Why Should I Use Customer Advocacy Software?

Customer Advocacy Software can help you find the right strategy to approach customers in becoming advocates for your brand and can aid you in incentivising this opportunity for your customers. Incentivisation can often be the key step to getting your customers to promote your brand and attract new people to your product. The Customer Adovcacy Software on this list will help build your company as it will help you find the customers who want to be part of your journey. Using these software’s can be the key to gaining a wealth load of new customers as the tools these softwares use can be a golden opportunity for your company. 

That is why here at TechRound we have explored the top customer advocacy software services to consider for 2021 and these are the ones that we suggest.

TechRound Compares: Customer Advocacy Software

Below is TechRound’s reviewed list of the best customer advocacy software for businesses to explore in 2021: 

  • 1: Referral Factory
  • 2: Birdeye
  • 3: Influitive
  • 4: Yotpo
  • 5: Talkable
  • 6: NiceJob


 1. Referral Factory



Entry Level Price: $95 per month

Referral Factory has built an easy to use advocacy solution that is geared at helping companies get more referrals. Their solution allows you to ‘build your own referral program in under 5 minutes’ by giving you access to over 1000 pre-built referral program templates to copy, customise, and use as your own. What is unique about Referral Factory is that you don’t need to install any tracking scripts on your website – which means that marketers don’t need the help of developers to implement their basic solution.



2: Birdeye


Bird Eye


Entry Level Price: Contact provider for price details.

Birdeye is an all-in-one Experience Marketing platform for multi-location businesses. More than 60,000 businesses of all sizes use Birdeye every day to be found online and chosen through listings, reviews and referrals; be connected with leads and customers on the channels of their choice, and deliver the best customer experience with survey, ticketing and insights tools. 


3: Influitive




Entry Level Price: Contact provider for price details.

Influitive helps  you to build a community of advocates and invite your customers, developers, partners, and employees to complete challenges, referrals, product reviews, social media posts, and more. As they complete these personalised challenges—which can be targeted to groups or individuals—they automatically earn points, badges, and levels to redeem professional perks and privileges. 


4: Yotpo




Entry Level Price: Free forever.

Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, helps thousands of forward-thinking brands accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. Our single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more. Brands with Yotpo are empowered to create smarter, higher-converting experiences that spark and sustain customer relationships. 


5: Talkable




Entry Level Price: Contact provider for price details.

Talkable’s marketing technology empowers e-commerce brands to acquire & retain high-value customers through referral & loyalty marketing programs. As a single-source solution for your referral marketing and loyalty marketing needs, brands are able to create seamless user experiences designed to increase brand engagement and build brand affinity. For both referral and loyalty solutions, Talkable offers comprehensive segmentation capabilities, a built-in A/B testing suite, and best-in-class fraud prevention intelligence. 


6: NiceJob




Entry Level Price: $75 month.

Built for service businesses, SaaS, & agencies. The leading Reputation Marketing platform.  Easily become a top rated business and win more sales. Rated 5 stars  and trusted by over 7000 businesses. NiceJob is the easiest way to become a top rated business and win more sales. NiceJob automates your social media marketing using your great customer reviews and photos. And we help you improve your search engine results, website traffic, and sales by publishing your reviews and photos to your website. Unlike competitors, we have no contracts and start off with a free trial.


What Is Customer Advocacy Software?

Customer Advocacy Software is a subcategory of Brand Advocacy Software which is a subcategory of Demand Generation Software. Customer advocacy software, sometimes referred to as Advocacy Marketing or Referral Marketing software, is used by companies to enable their customers to promote their message, content, or products through word-of-mouth. These tools are used to help companies’ marketing, sales, and success teams to gather referrals and testimonials that can be used with prospects. Additionally, the software can be used to motivate companies to be engaged in testing products, providing feedback, and sharing news.

Products in this category are used by businesses in a wide-range of industries. The software can be used to help acquire new customers, develop brand identity, and engage loyal users. These goals are accomplished in a few ways. Some brand advocacy software programs use tracking codes to create customer referral programs which can be monitored from a dashboard. Others feature platforms that simplify the process for users to share a company’s content and marketing narratives, in some cases rewarding them for every share.

Brand advocacy software tends to be focused on either customer advocacy or employee advocacy, although there are a number of products that provide platforms for engaging both employees and customers.

In order to be included in the customer advocacy software category there are certain conditions that must be met, a product must: 

  • Provide features to create and manage referral programs in order to find and attract the best advocates for each brand.
  • Deliver engagement and communication tools to establish an ongoing personalised dialogue with advocates.
  • Have the ability to help marketers share information, content, and documents with advocates, which may be different at each stage of the engagement
  • Monitor interactions with advocates and their activities to understand how they can help marketers and what they need to become better at it.



Who Needs Customer Advocacy Software?

A whole host of businesses can benefit from customer advocacy software, as it helps to boost awareness as to their products/services, while also incentivising customers to become brand advocates. Having customers as brand advocates can be a beneficial and influential marketing tactic. As many prospects rely on existing customers’ reviews and word-of-mouth, customer advocacy is a powerful way to attract and close new clients.


Is Customer Advocacy Software Free?

Yes, most customer advocacy software platforms offer free trials of their services – helping those who are on the fence about signing up to explore a provider’s services risk free. Free trials will typically give users a taste of what paid-for plans can offer, giving users access to features which others will have to pay for, helping prospective users to decide whether the service is the right fit for their business.

In addition to free trials, some customer advocacy software providers might also offer a “Free Forever” plan. These plans, as their name suggests, are permanently free for customers to use. While these plans can be incredibly beneficial to users, it’s worth noting that free versions of customer advocacy software plans are usually limited, only offering basic features while saving the more comprehensive packages for paying customers. However, although free versions can be more restrictive, they can be perfect for those only needing a handful of basic services.


How Much Do Customer Advocacy Software Services Cost?

Customer advocacy software can cost anywhere between £0 and £500 per month. As previously mentioned, some services may offer a free plan of the software, or a free trial in which to get a feel for paid-for plans. The cost of plans will typically vary depending on both the type and the number of features offered within them.

Service providers will typically include detailed lists on their website showcasing what’s on offer for each customer advocacy software service plan, in addition to the cost of said plans. However, some providers might not detail plans on their website, meaning those interested will have to get in touch with the provider to find out more details regarding the cost of plans.