Best FIFA World Cup Video Games Ever 

The World Cup takes place once every four years. It is enormously popular with fans around the world tuning in for all its exciting matches. The recently concluded Qatar World Cup was also the most anticipated sporting event which provided plenty of bet365 casino bonus code betting opportunities for enthusiasts.  

However, there are also many who are more passionate about the virtual version of the beautiful game. The World Cup video games bring a chance for fans to enjoy this virtual world of football. 

The first official FIFA World Cup video game came out in 1986 and since then we have numerous games. EA Sports has held the licence to produce the official World Cup game since 1998. 

Below we have discussed which games are the best. 




1- 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa 

If we are talking about the best FIFA World Cup games, then we cannot exclude the 2010 World Cup. The prestigious tournament took place in South Africa. It was the first time that HD cameras were employed for streaming. 

The amazing game has included 199 football countries. The game was a huge hit among fans who loved its beautiful features and gameplay.  

Fans who were very unhappy with the PES 2008 and PES 2009 games were appeased by EA Sports who produced such a beautifully balanced video game. The penalty shootout system was revised and it was so well received that it still remains the system for modern FIFA games. 

The game made a brilliant effort to replicate the actual emotion of the World Cup. They depicted the wild celebrations of the crowd while the cameras would also zoom in on goal celebrations to provide an emotional link with the player. Its online modes were fantastic while its offline multiplayer was also excellent. 


2- World Cup Italia 90 

For many gamers, Italia 90 was their first taste of virtual football. Published by U.S. Gold and developed by Tiertex Design Studios, it features the 1990 World Cup held in Italy. 

The game was minimalism at its finest. It was a top-down, birds-eye view with an amazing menu music. It was the first game where 3D perspective was added. 

The developers didn’t keep the format of the game the same as the 1990 tournament. However, it still attained a lot of popularity among gaming enthusiasts at the time. 



3- 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia 

The 2018 World Cup took place in Russia, where France emerged victorious after beating Croatia in the final. EA Sports tried to produce a game similar to the actual tournament. They included all the 32 countries who actually participated in the prestigious competition along all the 12 stadiums of Russia. 

The game was first released for the X-Box One and PlayStation 4. However, its mobile version later hit the market and got huge popularity among fans. The developers have skipped the qualifying round and have offered only the main event. And so gaming enthusiasts can play with the top teams of the soccer world only. 


4- World Cup 98 

Many football lovers will still remember the World Cup 98 which was the first game that was released for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It was an expansion of the Road to World Cup 98 game with a few changes made in graphics, etc. The game also incorporates many teams which couldn’t make it to the final round. 

Not only that, to lift the players’ spirit, gamers can also enjoy the famous song Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. It also features the voices of Des Lynam and Gary Lineker while Kenneth Wolstenholme does the commentary. 


5- 2014 World Cup Brazil 

The 2014 World Cup took place in Brazil with Germany crowned champions after they defeated Argentina in the final. All of the teams who participated in the actual tournament are featured in the game, but you may not find clubs like Leeds United football to the disappointment of club football fans. FIFA gave the licence of this game to EA Sports. This game features all the venues and stadiums which hosted the matches. It also offers some epic features, and is available on X-Box and PlayStation. 

The game includes all the 12 venues and stadiums which hosted the competitions in the tournament. Moreover, the epic features have made the game play more interesting and provides the endless fun. The game was released for X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3 formerly. However, updates have made it possible to play it on PS4 and X-Box One as well