10 Best Identity Verification Startups

ID verification systems involve different technologies that help ensure someone’s identity details are correct. These systems are essential for keeping online transactions and activities secure, from shopping on the internet to logging into government services. They involve various methods to ensure that the personal information provided is accurate and belongs to the user.


Where Are ID Verification Tools Applied?

ID verification tools are used in various sectors, including:


E-commerce: To secure online purchases and prevent fraud.
Banking and Financial Services: For customer checks such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and to combat money laundering.
Government Services: For secure access to public services online.
Healthcare: To securely access medical records and ensure patient privacy.


Types Of ID Verification Systems

There are several primary types of ID verification systems:


  • Smart ID Cards
  • Digital IDs
  • ID Management Systems (such as Apple ID)
  • Identity Verification Software (usually used in ecommerce to verify user details)


ID Verification Startups


Many startups have emerged that assist in providing identification tools and software. Below are 10 interesting and innovative startups who are doing so:


1. ShareID


ShareID offers a real-time, on-demand solution for verifying user identities, providing a digital trust level equivalent to presenting an ID document physically. This platform impressively secures a 92% success rate on the first attempt due to its AI-based user support, enhancing the experience by removing repetitive verification tasks.

Security is a top priority at ShareID, where patented technology ensures the integrity of each digital ID. The platform excels in real-time operations, essential for businesses needing prompt identity verification or personal data sharing. Users can easily authenticate with a simple smile, making the process smoother and more user-friendly.

Additionally, ShareID’s technology includes AI-based document authentication, liveness detection, and anti-spoofing algorithms covering over 120 countries. This extensive reach makes ShareID a reliable choice for accurate and secure identity verification worldwide.


2. Bureau


Bureau is committed to creating a digitally secure environment where every interaction is trust-based. This platform enables users and businesses to verify identities, secure transactions, and experience seamless online interactions without typical delays. Bureau’s vision is to be the ultimate source of trust in the digital ecosystem, confirming the legitimacy of all parties and the security of every transaction.

The goal is to remove doubt and protect sensitive information with advanced security measures, allowing for frictionless online experiences. Bureau believes that trust underpins a thriving digital environment, enhancing innovation and empowerment. With Bureau, businesses and individuals can engage digitally with confidence, knowing their interactions are secure.

Bureau’s approach to integrating seamlessly into existing systems offers real-time transaction approvals and detailed fraud protection. This method not only secures online engagements but also promotes sustainable business growth by building a reliable digital trust foundation.


3. Youverify


Youverify automates the prevention of fraud and compliance processes, providing an effective risk management platform. Favored by leading fintechs and lenders, Youverify significantly reduces fraud losses, positively affecting financial outcomes and simplifying customer onboarding while reducing false positives.

Featuring an AI-powered solution for customer risk intelligence, Youverify regularly monitors and updates risk assessments to stay ahead of emerging threats. The platform’s ability to make quick, automated decisions from over 300 data sources simplifies compliance without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Youverify’s international reach ensures compliance and fraud prevention on a global scale. Its easy integration into existing technological frameworks offers effective compliance and risk management tools crucial for modern businesses in diverse international markets.


4. IDPartner



IDPartner provides a swift and secure way to verify user identity using bank-based credentials, which is especially effective against bots and fraud. This platform allows users to prove their identity in seconds through a simple verification process directly linked to their banking information.

IDPartner’s approach is built on a flexible SDK that integrates easily with existing systems, meeting the highest security standards while providing a privacy-preserving verification method. Designed for developers and businesses, IDPartner helps streamline user authentication across financial services, social media, and other online platforms, ensuring a high level of trust and compliance.


5. Magic ID


Magic ID creatively integrates digital IDs with artificial intelligence to craft personalized experiences for customers, enhancing their engagement and loyalty. The platform facilitates a smoother onboarding experience that is more effective than traditional methods, such as “sign-up with Google.” By implementing Magic ID, businesses can offer real-time, tailored rewards and ensure privacy and compliance, helping to retain customers and meet their evolving needs efficiently.



6. Smile ID





Smile ID is a leading service in Africa that provides digital identity verification, helping businesses manage fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and KYC compliance as they expand across the continent. Its technology uses advanced facial recognition to ensure accurate user verification, tailored to the diverse demographics of African populations. Smile ID helps businesses operate securely and meet regulatory requirements while expanding their reach across different African markets.


7. iiDENTIFii



iiDENTIFii leverages advanced facial recognition technology, including 3D and 4D Liveness® detection, to offer secure and precise biometric verification. Aimed at enterprises in Africa and the Middle East, the platform enables efficient customer onboarding and identity verification, reducing fraud risks and enhancing user experience with quick and accurate identity checks.


8. OneID®



OneID® redefines digital identity verification by offering a completely digital, document-free verification process. It provides businesses with quick and reliable verification services, accessing extensive data from UK banks. This solution helps businesses simplify the KYC process and ensures they can quickly and safely verify identities, supporting compliant and efficient operations.


9. Vouched


Vouched is essential for businesses that need to verify identities swiftly to provide access to crucial services. The platform is versatile, allowing businesses to tailor identity verification workflows to their specific needs, from healthcare to financial services. Vouched’s technology speeds up the onboarding process, increases security, and supports regulatory compliance, enabling businesses to operate effectively and securely in various markets.


10. Oliu™



Oliu™ is a digital trust platform that makes it easy for businesses to issue, manage and verify digital credentials. Built on open (W3C) standards, it offers real-time layered identity verification, privacy and control over personal identity data, and protection against fraud and identity theft – all while enabling fast, efficient, and secure customer experiences. Oliu™ is the first Canadian company to achieve the PCTF certification through DIACC.

Oliu™ is the only Identity Verification solution to combine provincial digital ID, bank login credentials and document verification. Designed for SMEs, it mitigates fraud, streamlines onboarding and offers verifiable digital IDs in minutes. Built to ensure interoperability with new digital credentials issued by provincial, territorial and federal governments. A cost effective, cloud-based subscription model, it services multiple industries including financial services, government, healthcare and agriculture.