Best Local Listing Management Software

What Is Local Listing Management Software?

Local Listing Management software provides business with set locations a way to manage and update data on all customer-facing platforms simultaneously.

Details usually include opening hours, addresses, phone numbers and menus alongside images of the businesses interior and exterior. Organisations such as restaurants and shops use platforms such as these to ensure all key information is accurate, as well as improving visibility and optimising customer engagement.

Why Do I Need Local Listing Management Software?

Local Listing Management software is frequently used by marketing teams from corporate businesses who oversee listings of company-wide locations. This helps business to avoid missed opportunities and customer upset due to online information being incorrect.

These tools can also integrate with business intelligence platforms to produce analytics specific to a certain location. They can also integrate with marketing software to improve online visibility and traffic, or website builders to optimise store pages and microsites.

How To Qualify For Inclusion In This Category:

In order to qualify for inclusion in this category, products must:

  • Provide a portal for modification as well as a central view for all location listings online
  • Integrate with platforms where customers can search for brick-and-mortar location data, whether it is online or through a mobile app
  • Allow for updates when locations alter details such as location, whether they are manual or automatic
  • Be able to integrate with platforms helping with customer engagement or marketing, or offer similar features


Top 5 Local Listing Management Services

The experts at TechRound have compiled their top 5 Local Listing Management services below.


1. Semrush




Semrush is a SaaS visibility management platform. There are many tools available to optimise visibility management, including those for market research, content and social media. Data is also available for more than 140 countries as Semrush integrates with Google alongside various other task management platforms. The platform also boasts over 7 million users and 200 million domains monitored for 142 geo databases.



2. Vendasta


Vendasta provides an end-to-end ecommerce platform to experts who deliver digital products and services to local businesses worldwide. The software offers Onboarding services, white label marketing services as well as professional services. No matter the size of your company Vendasta can find what is most suitable to you and cater it to your company.

Whether it’s introducing new products to your catalogue, generating hot leads, driving new business through marketing automation, fulfilling effectively, or providing proof of performance reporting, Vendasta provides the tools you need to provide clients with a great experience.



3. Birdeye




Birdeye is an experience marketing platform aimed at businesses operating in multiple locations. Used by over 60,000 businesses every day, Birdeye provides accurate referrals, reviews and listings connecting customers and leads. Birdeye also uses insight tools for ticketing and insights to deliver optimal customer experience across all channels.


4. Yext




Yext is a SaaS platform allowing businesses to create digital experiences. This should therefore help consumers find answers to their questions easily online. This is done through Knowledge Graph, an online database storing important information about a business. Brands can consequently deliver straightforward answers to customers’ questions through maps and FAQs. Information can then sync from Knowledge Graph to integrations with industry partners, allowing businesses to optimise all online traffic.

Yext aims to deliver high quality search experiences where natural language searches create more business, reduce costs and reveal insights about what the customers value most.


5. Reputation




Reputation aims to help businesses optimise customer experience through reviews, and currently has over 25 partners including Google and Facebook. Data is transformed into insights companies can utilise to build their business, such as CX Operations. The process is referred to as Reputation Experience Management, where organisations can use algorithms to see their brand performance and consequently make improvements.


Are There Free Trials Available For Local Listing Management Software?

Free trials are available for some Local Listing Management software, usually with limitations surrounding timescale and features, Free trials differ from platform to platform with some offering free editions with less features available.

Companies such as Semrush and Vendasta offer the option to trial their software for free, but it’s important to note you may be charged at the end of the free period.


How Much Does Local Listing Management Software Cost?

Prices also differ depending on the type of software, with companies such as Semrush charging $20 per month for basic services.

It is important to note which features of the software your business will actually use in order to avoid paying unnecessary charges.