Top 12 Best Payroll Software For Startups

Are you a startup employer in the UK searching for the right payroll software for your business? The selection of an HMRC-approved software ensures adherence to UK tax and employment laws, reducing errors and avoiding penalties. This list aims to provide valuable insights into features, benefits, and considerations for startup employers in the UK seeking an informed payroll software choice.

Companies that offer payroll software in the UK include:

  1. Rippling
  2. Pento
  3. Deel

1. Rippling



Rippling’s Full-Service Payroll Software is a game-changer for UK startups, offering swift payroll processing in just 3 minutes. Automated technology eliminates manual tasks, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. With features like minimum wage tracking, robust analytics, and seamless integrations, it’s a secure and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes, guaranteeing 100% error-free payroll processing.


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2. Pento

Pento Payroll Software is a trusted choice for UK startup employers, ensuring seamless, compliant, and stress-free payroll processing. With automated workflows, accurate calculations, and HMRC compliance, Pento simplifies payroll management. The expert Customer Success team provides dedicated support, making it a preferred solution for businesses like Pleo, Beamery, PensionBee, Primer, and Cleo. Explore the full potential of your payroll operations with Pento’s user-friendly and integrative platform.


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3. Deel

Deel’s payroll software stands out as a top choice for startup employers in the UK’s list of payroll software. With seamless global payroll for employees and contractors, Deel offers a user-friendly experience, 24/7 support, and unmatched expertise in 100+ countries. From compliance to payroll management, Deel’s fully-managed service simplifies processes, ensuring efficient and error-free payroll operations.


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4. Nomi



Nomi Payroll Software is an all-in-one solution for accountants, bookkeepers, and payroll bureaux. With seamless automation, it effortlessly manages EPS, FPS, P11D submissions to HMRC, pension filings, and CIS deductions for contractors. Nomi offers a dedicated employee payslip portal for clients, ensuring easy access to crucial documents.

The software is user-friendly, streamlining payroll processes with features like swift tax code downloads and comprehensive pension management. With a focus on ease-of-use, Nomi facilitates quick and efficient bulk imports, making it an ideal payroll solution for all sizes of businesses.

5. Revolut


Revolut Payroll simplifies salary management for startups with its user-friendly platform. Enjoy a quick setup, add team members effortlessly, and customise pay schedules without dealing with spreadsheets. The all-in-one solution allows seamless payroll processing directly from your Revolut Business account, eliminating the need for additional software.

Real-time changes, automatic HMRC syncing, and On-Demand Pay features make payroll hassle-free.


6. Xero


Xero’s payroll software ensures effortless payroll management for startups, providing timely payments without the workload. With a user-friendly interface, store documents securely, automate admin tasks, and collaborate in real-time. Recognised by HMRC, it simplifies compliance, offering automatic calculations for tax, pensions, and leave. Employee self-service and flexible plans make Xero a top choice for streamlined payroll processing.


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7. Zalaris



Zalaris offers advanced Cloud Payroll Software tailored for UK businesses, delivering cutting-edge technology, accurate billing, robust reporting, and seamless integration with core HR systems. With 20+ years of global payroll expertise, Zalaris ensures compliance, security, and a user-friendly interface. Simplify your payroll process and explore award-winning solutions trusted by top-tier companies globally. Schedule a demo today.


8. Protime



Protime offers expert Payroll Processing solutions that seamlessly integrate with various payroll systems. While not a payroll provider, Protime streamlines the time-to-money process by efficiently managing employee data and schedules. With automated payroll processing, including complex calculation rules, Protime ensures fast and accurate salary processing. Book a demo to experience efficient and error-free payroll management.


9. 1 2 Cloud Payroll



1 2 Cloud Payroll offers a user-friendly and HMRC-recognised cloud-based payroll system with built-in Workplace pension functions. With 24/7 accessibility, e-filing capabilities, and compliance with HMRC standards, it provides a cost-effective solution. The system simplifies Workplace pension calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Enjoy excellent quality, security, and support with this flexible and scalable payroll software.

10. CPS Legislator



CPS offers Legislator™, an innovative cloud-based payroll software for medium to large UK businesses. With over 20 years of expertise, CPS provides custom, cost-effective payroll solutions. Legislator™ ensures accuracy, cuts costs, and offers flexibility—accessible from anywhere. Choose CPS for tailored payroll services, efficient HR solutions, and expert managed services, all compliant with current regulations.

11. EnrolPay



EnrolPay Payroll is a cutting-edge payroll system catering to businesses of all sizes. Optimised for various platforms, it supports 2 to 5000+ employees on the same hosted platform. With real-time payroll calculations, HMRC compliance, BACS file support, and an integrated Communication Centre and Employee Self-Service module, EnrolPay offers efficiency, security, and flexibility.

12. Able Internet Payroll



Able Internet Payroll offers a seamless integration of Payroll and Auto Enrolment (AE) in a single process, eliminating the need for complex middleware. The software streamlines Automatic Enrolment functions, providing communication letters, opt-out letters, and efficient CSV file generation for contribution data submission. Enhance accuracy and simplify AE compliance effortlessly with Able Internet Payroll.

What Should I Look For in Startup Payroll Software?

When considering which software to use for your startup’s payroll systems, it is important to consider a few things:

Business Size Requirements (min and max):

When choosing payroll software as a startup in the UK, consider its scalability to accommodate your current and future workforce size. Ensure the software is flexible enough to grow with your business, supporting both smaller teams and expanding staff without requiring frequent system changes.


Evaluate the pricing model of the payroll software to match your startup budget. Look for a cost-effective solution that aligns with your specific needs, streamlining payroll processes without unnecessary features that might incur additional expenses. Ensure transparency in pricing to avoid hidden fees.

Payment Automation:

For efficiency, seek payroll software that offers payment automation features. A user-friendly interface with automated processes ensures smoother payroll operations, minimising manual errors and saving time for HR and payroll teams. This feature is particularly beneficial for startups aiming to streamline their financial workflows.

Features/Ease of Use:

Prioritise user-friendly payroll software with features that simplify payroll tasks. Look for customisable options, automation capabilities, and a straightforward interface. This not only enhances the ease of use for HR and payroll managers but also contributes to overall efficiency, allowing your startup to focus on strategic activities.

HMRC Compliance:

Ensure that the chosen payroll software is in compliance with HMRC regulations. The software should stay up-to-date with the latest tax laws and regulations, providing accurate calculations for deductions, taxes, and employee benefits. This compliance is essential to avoid potential legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.

Payroll Tax Support/Assistance (Automatic Tax Calculations):

Choose payroll software that offers automatic tax calculations for payroll taxes. This feature simplifies tax-related tasks, ensuring accurate calculations of deductions and withholdings. The software should be equipped to assist your startup in staying compliant with tax laws, providing a seamless and error-free payroll tax process.

How to Find the Best Payroll Software for Startups in the UK

In order to find the best software for your startup’s payroll systems, its important to make sure you understand what it iss you are looking for in a software. Thee above considerations could help you decide. Once you have decided, you can refer to lists available online, such as the one you’re reading, and do your own further research on each software that speaks to your startup needs and objectives.