Betting on Love Island is possible


Sport betting is enormously popular around the world. The Britons are especially fond of punting on their favourite football matches from the Champions League, Premier League and the World Cup. However, it might be surprising for many betting enthusiasts that they can also bet on famous reality shows like Love Island through Sky Bet Sign Up Offer

Love Island has been enormously popular and influential in British popular culture. The show is narrated by Iain Stirling while Laura Whitmore presented it from 2020 to 2022. It originated in the United Kingdom but has now spawned several international versions as well. 

What happens in Love Island is that a group of single contestants attempt to find love while living in a villa that is specially constructed and is located from the outside world. In various places of the villa, there are special cameras and personal audio microphones that continuously monitor the contestants. The Islanders try to ‘couple up’ throughout the show, because remaining single would get them dumped from the villa. Additionally, the public can vote to decide who gets to stay in the villa at various points. The format of the show is such that as old contestants leave, new contestants enter the villa. And in the end, the public vote chooses one final winning couple. 

Betting on the show has been available since its first series came out in 2005. It was cancelled after the first two seasons but made a return to the screens in 2015 amidst the ever-growing culture of reality TV. 

Love Island has also come under huge criticism as contestants Sophie Gordon and Mike Thalassitis, and former presenter Caroline Flack all committed suicide. This is why many have called for the cancellation of the show but that looks unlikely considering its enormous popularity. 


How to Bet on Love Island

If you are a fan of the show, you might want to consider the following markets for betting. 

1- As one contestant gets dumped each week, you can try your luck at Who Gets Dumped. 

2- Predicting the Winning Couple is very difficult but it can be highly fun and exciting. 

3- You can also bet on the male who is part of the winning couple or the female who is part of the winning couple. 



How it all works 

To win your bet on Love Island, you need to be a good judge of people. However, just being an excellent judge might not be sufficient as you also need to consider the opinions of the public whose votes decide who stays or leaves the villa. 

Contestants must couple up with another in order to avoid being dumped from the villa. First impressions can count a lot but you must remember that coupling-up doesn’t have to be about love, rather it can also be for money or friendship. 

The public can vote contestants off while they also get eliminated for staying single. After this, they may recouple for money, friendship and the occasional chance of love being in the air. The Islanders also complete challenges to test their mental and physical abilities and these things can also affect the relationships. 


Betting Strategy 

In all the previous seasons of the popular show, there have been easy to pick winners and a few shocks. Max Horley and Jessica emerged victorious in 2015 while the 2016 edition saw the success of Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey. 

2017 didn’t prove to be a good year for bookmakers as Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies were huge favourites with the public. But the following year was even worse as Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer looked favourites from the very beginning and ultimately won to no surprise for anyone. 

2019 was also expected to be another bad year for the bookmakers, with Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae impressing the public from the start. But the couple ultimately failed as Greg O’Shea and Amber Gill stole the show towards the end of the series. 

The 2020 edition of the show saw the success of Finley and Paige in what was another bad year for the bookies. There have been easy to pick winners in the past but that shouldn’t get your hopes very high. You should try to do some homework by researching on your own and there are other informative news blogs/websites such as for tech enthusiasts for almost every topic of technology. You should read the opinions of other people to gain better ideas and receive help for your betting. 

 If you engage in betting for just fun and entertainment, then don’t let us stop you. However, you should remember that the Islanders are there to win and will put all their efforts to succeed. While the public can also be very fickle with their opinions changing continuously.